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Lantern Featival

Lantern Featival

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Happy Lantern Festival 元宵節 Lantern Festival, also called Yuan Xiao Festival 元宵節. People enjoy time together with family and friends on this day. There are many activities include lighting lanterns, lion dances & eating rice balls.


Lantern Festival, also called Yuan Xiao Festival 元宵節, celebrated in China and other Asian countries honors deceased ancestors on the 15th day of the first month (Yuan) of the lunar calendar February 24, 2024. The Lantern Festival aims to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness and marks the first full moon of the new lunar year. During the festival, houses are decorated with colorful lanterns, some with riddles written on them; if the riddle is answered correctly, the solver earns a small gift. Festival celebrations also include lion and dragon dances, parades, and fireworks. Small glutinous rice balls filled with fruits and nuts, called yuanxiao or tangyuan, are eaten during the festival. The round shape of the balls symbolizes wholeness and unity within the family. The Lantern Festival may originate as far back as the Han dynasty (206 bce to 220 ce), when Buddhist monks would light lanterns on the 15th day of the lunar year in honor of the Buddha. The rite was later adopted by the general population and spread throughout China and other parts of Asia. 

A legend concerning the festival’s origin tells the tale of the Jade Emperor (You Di), who became angered at a town for killing his goose. He planned to destroy the town with fire, but he was thwarted by a fairy who advised the people to light lanterns across the town on the appointed day of destruction. The emperor, fooled by all the light, assumed the town was already engulfed in flames. The town was spared, and in gratitude the people continued to commemorate the event annually by carrying colorful lanterns throughout the town.

WingHopFung is celebrating Lantern Festival with delicious teas from ancient tea trees. Tea has been a good many things to innumerable people, whether a remedy for illness, a ritual for royals, or a morning pick-me-up. Tea comes to us in many forms and brings with it a variety of perks, cleaning & detoxing our bodies, mind, and soul. Pick your favorite today and stock up your tea cabinet.


Ancient Trees Golden Dianhong Black Tea #1185 

This is black tea produced from older wild style trees.
Sweet red potatoes aroma, savory cocoa, and black pepper flavors. Smooth and full-bodied, slightly sweet

Kunlushan Wild Tree Pu’er Dark Tea #1500 

Kunlushan ancient tree tea is particularly outstanding and unique in its aroma; its tea fragrance is elegant, sharp, long-lasting, and unique in flavor.

Da Xue Shan Old Tree Pu’er Tea Cake 2013 

Bangwei 2017YR Old Trees Pu’er Tea #1078  

Wild Old Tree Dianhong Black Tea #1501 

Dianhong, black tea from Yunnan province is generally called Dianhong Tea.
Sweet red potatoes aroma, savory cocoa, and black pepper flavors. Smooth and full-bodied, slightly sweet

Yunnan Old Tree 1990YR Pu’er Tea #1092

Pu-Er Dark  Tea is unique in that it gets better with age, much like wine. It initially starts as a green tea but is not fully fired. Instead, the moist leaves are loosely stacked on top of each other to allow them to dry and age. The result is a color change from green to a deep burgundy. Supreme Pu-Er has a more fragrant earthy aroma than other Pu-Er.

Bulang Old Trees Raw Pu’er Tea 2017YR #1077

The bright golden liquor has an initial bite of cooling bitterness, followed by complex and nuanced whiskey, bay leaf, smoked wood, and honey notes that linger delightfully with a long-lasting smooth and sweet finish.  









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