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Great Spring-Picked Green Teas

Great Spring-Picked Green Teas

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Great Spring-Picked Green Teas The “spring-picked” green tea harvest typically beginning in mid-March before April 4th, is sometimes called first flush, and is made up of the first leaf buds to sprout after the winter season. 


A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits us….First Flush 2024 is available on preorder at WingHopFung! This Spring will never be repeated. Now is the time, in April and early May, when young, tender fresh tea leaves burst forth brimming with Nature’s response to a challenging winter. First Flush tea has more nutrients, antioxidants and captivating aroma than any other tea season. Second Flush harvested in June will be darker, have more caffeine and durable flavor.

First Flush is Nature’s promise of Spring rebirth, the joy we feel knowing that life, health and wellness will continue despite wars, famine, and grief. It is the herald of Spring blessed by temperate humidity, pure high mountain air and very delicate handling the way only the Chinese know, proven over centuries. The sacred ritual of two leaves and a bud, precisely chosen at the correct moment is the beginning explosion of entrancing fragrance and ethereal flavor. Connoisseurs know it is the prized harvest of the year.

Great Spring-Picked Green Teas

The “spring-picked” green tea harvest typically beginning in mid-March before April 4th, is sometimes called first flush, and is made up of the first leaf buds to sprout after the winter season. Thanks to relatively cold temperatures, these buds grow slowly fueled by glucose in the root system during the winter. There is an old Chinese tea saying, “Saving the best ... for first” because tea plants are dormant during winter and the aromas that are increased inside come bursting forth in early spring!

Why is Spring-Picked First Flush Tea valuable?

After the cold, tedious winter months, we can't wait to sip fresh spring tea the long-awaited messenger of a new year and a new beginning for all things. The tea nutrients are rushed to the newly sprouting buds and tender leaves to stimulate the plant's growth. Abundant rainfall and rising temperature make the spring tea fresh, tender, and flavorful. So much so that early spring tea can be ten times more expensive than the one picked later in the year. Spring Teas are Early, Scarce and extremely High Quality.

  1. Early The first flush of spring tea is the very first yield for the year, before the beginning of the actual season. During that time, the plants' growth is still slow, and the yield is low. Therefore, it is priced accordingly.

  2. Scarce Even in large tea gardens, the amount of the first spring tea is very limited, not to mention the caprices of weather and climate.

  3. High quality In China, the first spring tea has an almost magical reputation. It is considered a drink that concentrates spring's essence and vital energy for a one-of-a-kind tea experience. From a modern perspective, early spring is when the plant awakens after a long period of stagnation. The plant metabolism activates the accumulated nutrients and rushes them to the buds, resuming the growth cycle. In addition, fertilization and pest control have not yet resumed during this early period, making the first spring tea cleaner and healthier. 

The Powers of Early Spring Teas

Many cultures honor spring as the time of rebirth. Every living thing that was frozen and stagnant under the winter frost wakes up and comes to life. The Chinese believe that Qi, the vital force present in all things, surrounds and moves us. Early spring is the time when this vital force is in full swing, active and vigorous. It makes the plants' stagnant juices flow, sending a powerful load of earth nutrients to the germinating buds giving the plant its strong energizing and healing properties. Spring-picked tea has the essence of spring's resurrecting powers in a cup. The strong growth energy of the tea leaf and the absence of pests in early spring tea eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Therefore, Spring-picked fresh green tea is considered very pure, healthier than teas during the rest of the year.

Health Benefits of Spring-Picked Green Teas: 

In General Green Tea health benefits include:

  • High in polyphenols which protect the body against disease.
  • Natural stimulants, including caffeine, may enhance brain function.
  • Boosted metabolism.
  • Beneficial effect on blood sugar control.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease.

High in protective Polyphenols

Compounds called polyphenols are known to protect the body against disease and make an important contribution towards a healthy, balanced diet. Green tea has numerous health benefits many of which are attributed to the fact that it is largely unprocessed and rich in these plant compounds. The main bioactive compounds in green tea are flavonoids, with the most potent being catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Boosts brain function

Green tea contains a number of natural stimulants, including caffeine, which although not as high as coffee, may still help maintain alertness and focus. In addition to this, green tea is a source of the amino acid L-theanine, which has a relaxing effect by increasing mood-enhancing brain chemicals including GABA, dopamine and serotonin. The beneficial polyphenols of green tea may also help slow the effects of aging on the brain.

Boosts fat burning

Some research suggests that green tea may boost metabolic rate and increase fat burning. This is thought to be thanks to the natural thermogenic properties provided by caffeine, and by the plant compounds such as catechins.

Supports blood sugar control

Green tea may improve insulin sensitivity and as a result have a beneficial effect on blood sugar control.

Protects Heart Health

By aiding digestion, blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and stress, green teas protect heart wellness and longevity. 

Known to Tea Connoisseurs throughout the world for the best quality fresh Spring teas, Wing Hop Fung is proud to present this year’s first batch of  March First Flush Teas


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