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Points Rules


Usage rules 

  1. Wing Hop Fung points is unavailable for marketplace sales, is not gift for others,and not mergeable.
  2. Wing Hop Fung website points are currently used only for use on the website and are not available for real store shopping.
  3. Wing Hop Fung has the right to the unusual account, risk account for points freeze and other operations.
  4. Do not verify the account mailbox, will affect the normal distribution of points to the account.

 Get rules

  1. You can get 1 point for spend each $1 online, 100 Points=$1 after sign up. 
  2. Invite friends to purchase on , you and your friends will be received points.
  3. Points return to your account after order canceled or returned.

The final interpretation right belongs to Wing Hop Fung.


  1. 永合豐網站积分沒有現金價值,不可转赠,不可合并。
  2. 永合豐網站积分目前仅用于網站線上使用,不可用於實體店購物。
  3. 永合豐有权对异常账户、风险账户进行积分冻结等操作。
  4. 未验证账户邮箱,将影响积分正常发放到账。


  1. 在永合豐網站,已註冊賬戶每消費$1賺取1分,每100分可抵$1。
  2. 邀请好友下单也会奖励双方积分。邀請好友,並且被邀請人下訂單後,邀請人和被邀請人均獲贈500積分。
  3. 若发生退货操作,下单使用的积分将返还账户。



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