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Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

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Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air  In Chinese medicine we understand how the entire body works together in harmony through the interconnection of outside and inside: Through a network of meridians, the skin is connected energetically with the lungs and large intestine, the gut.

Radiant Air 

沙参麦冬汤 (Glehnia, Ophiopogon Root Soup.)

Soothes dry throat, Improves breathing and Complexion

In Chinese medicine we understand how the entire body works together in harmony through the interconnection of outside and inside: Through a network of meridians, the skin is connected energetically with the lungs and large intestine, the gut. What we eat or drink affects our breathing, digestion and skin. Have you noticed how people who smoke or consume very hot spicy foods often have complexion problems? When they stop smoking, they naturally have less thirst and acne. Their breathing is enhanced. Cooling, moistening herbs that address lung inflammation may have beneficial effects for such chronic problems. With increased oxygen, our cells are more protected against disease and aging. Our mood and energy improve.

Glehnia (bei sha shen) root can grow to a length of up to 19 feet. It is sold as thin, cylindrical pale beige sticks and cooked in herbal decoctions to ease thirst, moisten lung dryness, reduce dry cough and treat bronchitis. It can also be used to ease stomach discomforts and constipation. Its taste is sweet and slightly bitter when added to soups. 

Ophiopogon tuber ( mai dong) is used to moisten the lungs, generate fluids, moisten the intestines, eliminate irritability and clear heat. According to current research, ophiopogon tuber benefits respiratory health, promotes a healthy blood glucose level and supports digestive health. A 2019 article in Progress in molecular biology and translational science, reports in addition to nourishing the lungs, it can “relieve the mind, and eliminate heart fire.” That means it may be useful for reducing anxiety and palpitations. “Polysaccharides are the main composition of O. japonicas and possibly responsible for its biological activities, such as anti-diabetic activity, cardiovascular protection, immuno-modulatory activity, antioxidant activity, anti-obesity activity, and therapeutic effect on the auto-immune illness Siogren’s syndrome.”

Chinese medicine understand that five flavors of foods and herbs affect internal organ systems. They are bitter, sweet, pungent, salty and sour. All five flavors are necessary for optimal wellness. Schisandra fruit is called wu wei zi because it has all five flavors and is considered a major tonic for our organs. It raises energy, enhances circulation and helps to clear congestion and inflammation from the eyes and complexion. It is an adaptogen that lowers stress hormone in the body. That means it is useful for athletic endurance and as a general tonic. Other tonic herbs in Radiant Air include ginseng and radish seed which is a good source of vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, Iron and copper, and a very good source of vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese.

Luffa, a long green gourd that resembled a luffa sponge, is added for treating and preventing colds. It is used for nasal swelling and sinus problems. Some people use it for arthritis pain, muscle pain, and chest pain. Perilla seed, the spicy seed of purple perilla from the mint family. In this formula it is used for treating asthma. It is also used for nausea, for inducing sweating, and to reduce muscle spasms. It is a popular spice in India and can be added to rice, breads or soups. It is an anti-aging superfood that has twice as much omega3 oil as chia seeds. 

Digestion is improved by the addition of scutellaria (Chinese skullcap) tangerine peel and kombu. Fritillary an expectorant helps to clear lung congestion. The soothing, moistening healing qualities of this formula are useful to help reduce stress, thirst and might be useful to help stop smoking. Unlike the other formulas in this section of Herbal Rescue, strong anti-inflammatory, antibiotic herbs are not added to Radiant Air. It is mild and pleasant and can be used long term to help correct dry mouth and stress. 


Glehnia root, ophiopogon root, schisandra fruit, ginseng root, radish seed, luffa gourd vegetable sponge, tangerine peel, perilla seed, fritillary bulb, apricot kernel, scutellaria root, licorice root, tangerine peel, kombu seaweed.

People who are unfamiliar with Chinese herbs may find their smell and taste unusual. We suggest that you become acquainted with them gradually. Empty the package of herbs into – quarts of water and simmer them for 30 minutes. A non-metal pot works best. If you have it use a ceramic coated or glass pot. The same herbs may be used again, the second cooking can be as long as 1 hour. Inhale the steam to help clear sinus congestion and head and throat discomforts. Allow the mixture to cool until it is comfortably warm. If necessary you might add a little fresh lemon juice or raw honey to enhance the flavor. To help balance immunity, Radiant Air may be combined with Fatigue Fighter in this selection of Herbal Rescue teas.

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