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  • Chinese Medicine for GERD

    , by Web Admin Chinese Medicine for GERD

    Chinese Medicine for GERD GERD aka acid reflux has become a popular topic due to our high anxiety, food-gulping and sedentary lifestyles. What is it? 

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  • Chinese herbal medicine for Children

    , by Web Admin Chinese herbal medicine for Children

    Chinese herbal medicine for Children In Chinese medicine, there are four main methods of treating children: Diet, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese pediatric massage, and acupuncture....

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  • Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    , by Web Admin Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    Chinese Herbs for PTSD Wing Hop Fung stands with the community amidst the recent mass shootings. May we grieve, mourn, and more importantly advocate for our health,...

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  • Summer Coolers

    , by Web Admin Summer Coolers

    Summer Coolers As the summer heat beats down withering plants, pets, and people, keeping many inside with air conditioning, here are tasty treats to keep...

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  • Tienma for Spring Winds

    , by Web Admin Tienma for Spring Winds

    If Springtime irritations or nerve pains, dizziness, hypertension, or numbness of hands or feet make you feel off balance, tense, with headaches and poor circulation,...

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  • What’s Chinese About Michelle Yeoh

    , by Web Admin What’s Chinese About Michelle Yeoh

    What’s Chinese about Michelle Yeoh?Michelle, The beautiful Chinese actress, and winner of “Best Actress” at the 2023 Academy Awards. Normally her diet is vegetables, grains,...

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  • Our Metal Element in Autumn

    , by Web Admin Our Metal Element in Autumn

    Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) theory teaches that we are part of Nature and are made up of her elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal....

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  • About yin/yang and a detoxifying soup

    , by Web Admin About yin/yang and a detoxifying soup

    Balance for HealingWe need both yin and yang. A person with a fever and thirst has more heat, has more yang; whereas weakness and chills...

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  • Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜)

    , by Web Admin Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜)

    Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜) Suffering from the heat? Headache, bloody nose, red eyes, hypertension? Many cooling, detoxifying herbs are very bitter. Sophora japonica, also known as...

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  • Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter

    Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter Fatigue Fighter formula contains herbs to relieve congestion and improve breathing such as Agastache, a heart tonic that is known to reduce...

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  • Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

    Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air  In Chinese medicine we understand how the entire body works together in harmony through the interconnection of outside and inside: Through a...

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  • Herbal Rescue-White Crystal Gem

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-White Crystal Gem

    Herbal Rescue-White Crystal Gem  For high fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, contains a strongly anti-inflammatory herb and the antibiotic cold/flu combination, including honeysuckle and chrysanthemum...

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