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  • Spring Cleaning

    , by Web Admin Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning In traditional Chinese medicine, Spring is considered a season of dampness. TCM combinations address various Spring issues with complex combinations of herbs that...

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  • Fresh American Ginseng

    , by Web Admin Fresh American Ginseng

    Fresh American Ginseng 新鮮花旗參 Fresh American Ginseng effectively regulates our immune response and hormonal changes due to stress, thus maintaining homeostasis. In addition to suppressing...

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  • Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    , by Web Admin Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    Chinese Herbs for PTSD Wing Hop Fung stands with the community amidst the recent mass shootings. May we grieve, mourn, and more importantly advocate for our health,...

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  • Why Abalone

    , by Web Admin Why Abalone

    Abalone A Culinary Delicacy Superfood 海珍之寶_鮑魚Abalone is a yin-nourishing food that supports internal organs' health. It moisturizes the lungs, which improves breathing and complexion.

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  • Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure

    , by Web Admin Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure

    Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure 燕窩 Today Bird’s nest is mainly used is to supply collagen to beautify skin texture and elasticity. There are many...

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  • Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter

    Herbal Rescue-Fatigue Fighter Fatigue Fighter formula contains herbs to relieve congestion and improve breathing such as Agastache, a heart tonic that is known to reduce...

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  • Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air

    Herbal Rescue-Radiant Air  In Chinese medicine we understand how the entire body works together in harmony through the interconnection of outside and inside: Through a...

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  • Protect your lungs

    , by Web Admin Protect your lungs

    Protect your lungs! Nowadays, many people who smoke, who are overweight, the elderly and very young are especially susceptible to lung infections, coughing, and shortness...

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  • A Strong Heart and Calm Mind

    , by Web Admin A Strong Heart and Calm Mind

    A Strong Heart and Calm Mind Our warmth, positive feelings, and cell rejuvenation throughout the body are mastered by the heart. The heart is a...

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