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Look and feel Great with traditional and modern Chinese remedies, health foods, healing balms, and beauty supplies.


Supplements and Lifestyle Supplements and Lifestyle Start living healthy today! We feature the best coverage of supplements and healthy food out there to get you ready.

Look and feel Great with traditional and modern Chinese remedies, health foods, healing balms, and beauty supplies.

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  • H.E.I. Suanzaoren (酸枣仁汤片) H.E.I. Suanzaoren (酸枣仁汤片)


  • HL 100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules HL 100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules

    HL 100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules

    威斯康星州 原产 花旗参粉胶囊 60粒/瓶 Wisconsin Grown and Certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin 500 MG, 60 COUNT Do you or someone that you know suffer from fatigue or extra stress? Give our 100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules a try! The Mayo Clinic has done studies, linking the use of ginseng to the reduction of fatigue displayed in patients undergoing treatment for various diseases/cancers. Read Here Ginseng is a natural adaptogen which helps alleviate stress in the human body by helping to regulate cortisol levels. These are only a few of the many benefits!  Heil Harvest Wisconsin American Ginseng, Panax quinquefolius. 100% milled root - not an extract, no ethanol/alcohol processing, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Convenient 500 mg capsules. Suggested serving size is 2 capsules (1000 mg), twice daily. High Quality Vegan Capsules No Added Ingredients NON-GMO All Heil Harvest Products are certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, displaying the trademark seal, guaranteeing that you are purchasing high-quality 100% Wisconsin Ginseng.  MFG: 03/2019


  • Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis Bee Pollen 30ml

    Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis Bee Pollen 30ml

    野花牌 極品蜂花粉綠蜂膠 蜂花粉綠蜂膠二合一,是綠蜂膠和蜂花粉共溶劑製劑的精品,兩者性能的集大成❗️是溶液態,呈栗色,清澈馨香,極其透明,毫無懸浮、濃度極高、品質極佳,絕無重金屬等有害物質。 (1) 有效成分更多樣✨:野花牌極品蜂花粉綠蜂膠,除了綠蜂膠400多種成分之外,特加入極品蜂花粉。蜂花粉素有“天然微型營養庫”的美譽,含有豐富的營養成分,如蛋白質、氨基酸、維生素,及人體必需的微量元素及多種有益的礦物質,一直被古人視為延年益壽的佳品。 (2)提高免疫更強勁✨:蜂膠富含類黃酮,生物鹼能夠提高免疫系統活力。免疫功能的提升,離不開營養物質的協助。蜂花粉的多種營養物質被機體吸收後,對維護、提高機體正常免疫功能,調整各種原因所致的免疫功能低下,均有重要作用。兩者結合,起到補助虛弱,提高免疫雙重功效。 (3)抗氧化更厲害✨:過多的自由基是人體衰老,臟器病變,疾病產生的根源。蜂膠含有大量抗氧化物質,結合蜂花粉特有的活性多糖和酚類物資,抗氧化能力和清除多餘自由基能力,更是成倍疊加。 野花牌綠蜂膠擁有國際生產優異品質🥇GMP Site license、全球最嚴格食品安全體系🥇HACCP質量認證等多重國際權威認證,是最有力、最值得信賴的健康守護者。 在戴口罩、勤洗手、多消毒等物理防護的同時,別忘記給自己的免疫系統加上一層防護罩。   Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis & Bee Pollen, 30ml, Royal Natural Products  Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis and Bee Pollen Glycolic Solution. NonAlcoholic. Made in Brazil. Features: Premium Green Bee Propolis Non-toxic Organic and Natural High concentration of Artepillin C, Flavonoids and Phenolic Substances Packaged in a glass molded dropper bottle It is rich in nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, vitamins, and essential trace elements, and a variety of beneficial minerals. It has been regarded by the ancients as a good product for prolonging life.  Improving immunity  Propolis is rich in flavonoids and alkaloids can improve the vitality of the immune system. The improvement of immune function is inseparable from the assistance of nutrients. After the various nutrients of bee pollen are absorbed by the body, it plays an important role in maintaining and improving the normal immune function of the body and adjusting the immune function decline caused by various reasons. The combination of the two can help the weak and improve immunity.  


  • Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis Glycolic Solution 30ml Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis Glycolic Solution 30ml

    Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis Glycolic Solution 30ml

    巴西 野花牌 绿蜂胶 原装进口 销量第一 浓度85%  Brazilian Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis is manufactured with class "A" raw materials in alcohol solution. It is in liquid form and has the highest richness in flavonoid and phenolic substances among other propolis products in the market. All of the raw materials are from unpolluted tropical forest in Brazil. Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis is fully licensed with Health Canada, GMP, SGC HACCP, and FDA. The manufacturer, Apis Global Produtos Alternativos Ltda, founded in 1982, is the biggest propolis manufacturer in Brazil and has gained its reputation since then. It is the pioneer who first introduced non-alcoholic solution and advanced technology in the propolis extract process. Royal Apis Global Limited, headquartered in Toronto Canada, is the exclusive official distributor of Apiario Silvestre products in North America and Asia-Pacific region.  Recommendations for use: Oral use: 2 - 3 times daily, 20-40 drops (approximately 1/2 - 3/4 tube) each time, diluted in plain warm water (water is to improve the pungent taste of propolis, amount could vary. Hot water is not recommended.


  • Shan Zha Liu Wu Gao(150g) Shan Zha Liu Wu Gao(150g)

    Shan Zha Liu Wu Gao(150g)

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    SHAN ZHA LIU WU GAO Ingredients: Hawthorn, Jujube, Yam, Malt, Poria cocos, chickens gizzard-membrane, crystal sugar, Water Using suggestion: eat it directly or drink it with warm water about 60 C recommended, 10-20g each time, 1-2 times per days. Storage: This product does not contain preservatives. Store at room temperature, it is recommended to eat it within one month after opening. Manufacturer: Guangdong, FengchunDistributed By: Hygia heal thcare. 山楂六物膏原料:山楂、大棗、山藥、麥芽、茯苓、雞胗膜、冰糖、水使用建議:直接食用或用建議60℃左右的溫開水飲用,每次10-20g,每日1-2次。儲存:本產品不含防腐劑。 常溫保存,建議開封後1個月內食用。生產廠商:廣東豐春分發者:Hygia 治愈 thcare。

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  • bag) bag)

    Ground Flaxseed Meal(14oz/bag)

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    Ground Flaxseed Meal Ingredient:USA Flaxseed Characteristics:Fine Milled(microtomy) to retain nutritientsRich in Dietary Fibre, good for digestive system.Promote the cardiovascular health, beneficial to digestive and circulatory systems. Sugested Cooking Method:Eat directly, or add 1-2 teaspoons of USA ground Flaxseed into congee, cereal breakfast, oat flakes or salad.Consume twice daily. Storage:Store in a cool and dry place, away from humidity. 美国亚麻籽粉(14oz/bag) 成分:美國亞麻籽特徵:精細研磨(切片)以保留營養富含膳食纖維,有益於消化系統。促進心血管健康,有益於消化和循環系統。建議的烹飪方法:直接食用,或在粥、麥片早餐、燕麥片或沙拉中加入 1-2 茶匙美國亞麻籽粉。每天服用兩次。貯存存放在陰涼乾燥的地方,遠離潮濕。

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