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  • Yixing Tea Pet Yixing Tea Pet

    Yixing Tea Pet

    Tea pet is a traditional Chinese tea culture art piece, usually a small animal or human figure made of materials such as ceramics, jade, or wood, that can be placed on tea utensils as a decoration or for appreciation. Tea pets originated in the Ming Dynasty of China, initially made to pray for family peace and a good harvest, and gradually evolved into a part of tea culture. The figures of tea pets are usually auspicious animals or human figures, such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, frogs, monks, etc. Some tea pets are also related to history or legends, such as peacocks, characters from the Three Kingdoms, or characters from A Dream of Red Mansions. Tea pets have a special significance in Chinese tea culture. In addition to the decorative function, they can bring joy and interest. During tea tasting, tea pets can be picked up and appreciated, and the pleasure of tea culture can be shared with friends. Moreover, tea pets are regarded as a part of traditional culture, representing the depth and historical heritage of Chinese traditional culture. Nowadays, tea pets have become an indispensable part of Chinese tea culture and are gradually gaining recognition and popularity internationally.

  • YLX Hand Made Glass Tea Cup(200 ml)

    YLX Hand Made Glass Tea Cup(200 ml)

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    财盛窑 茶海 功夫茶具 耐热玻璃 公道杯茶道配件 分茶器 200ml

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