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  • Labor Day in China and the USA

    , by Web Admin Labor Day in China and the USA

    Wing Hop Fung Celebrates Workers, Family and FriendsHealth and optimum vitality are gained from following a wise diet, using appropriate herbal supplements, regular exercise, stress...

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  • Springtime Power Boost

    , by Web Admin Springtime Power Boost

    Springtime Super-Charge Toning our digestion is a great way to brighten energy and mood and ease into seasonal changes. It all happens at once: Digestion...

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  • Our Metal Element in Autumn

    , by Web Admin Our Metal Element in Autumn

    Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) theory teaches that we are part of Nature and are made up of her elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal....

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  • Lotus Seed, Dried Lian Zi

    , by Web Admin Lotus Seed, Dried Lian Zi

    Lotus Seed, Dried Lian Zi 蓮子 Lotus Seed nourishes and calms body and mind. Lotus seed is often cooked in soups, deserts or boiled and...

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  • Cool the Heat

    , by Web Admin Cool the Heat

    Cool the Heat Traditional Chinese diet and medicine teach ways to prevent our body temperature from reaching extremes. Excess cold or heat in diet or...

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  • Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜)

    , by Web Admin Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜)

    Sophora japonica (槐花、槐花蜜) Suffering from the heat? Headache, bloody nose, red eyes, hypertension? Many cooling, detoxifying herbs are very bitter. Sophora japonica, also known as...

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