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Herbal Rescue - Cool Breeze

Herbal Rescue - Cool Breeze

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HERBAL RESCUE: Cool Breeze / 银翘清热汤  For fever, headache, detox from smoking, pollution Cool Breeze may be used to help allay cold/flu discomfort including thirst, fever, and headache or may be used along with a sensible detox or slimming diet.


Cool Breeze

银翘清热汤 (Honeysuckle & Forsythia Fruit Tea)

For fever, headache, detox from smoking, pollution 

We are bombarded daily by chemicals, pesticides, EMI waves from wifi, microwaves and our phone, also from stress, and germs. A cool ocean breeze is most welcome. This herbal blend combines cooling, detoxifying herbs that reduce fever and may help prevent infection such as honeysuckle and Chinese chrysanthemum flower, forsythia fruit, schizonepeta, and coptis root which contains berberine. Digestive herbs peppermint and tangerine peel are added to help settle the stomach. 

Phragmite rhizome is the stem of a reed that resembles a tall grass that is moistening for dry mouth and quenches thirst. There is an old Chinese saying: “drink reed tea in spring and mung bean soup in summer and you will live a long time.” The main medicinal parts of this herb are its roots (lu gen) and stems (wei jing), which have similar medicinal properties. The root is good at helping produce saliva and ease thirst while the stem helps clear lung inflammation. Dry mouth can result from weakened body resistance or from pathogens, smoking or cancer chemo therapy. 

Burdock root is added to the formula to enhance its liver-cleansing capacity. Peppermint and licorice are soothing for digestion. 

Cool Breeze is named for kombu, a seaweed ingredient that is often cooked as dashi when making miso soup. It is highly valued as a food that contains essential minerals that help to tone the thyroid and boost immunity. Regular use of kombu is said to reduce environmental heavy metals from the body. Because of the high concentration of healthy glutamic acids, kombu is filled with umami flavor which has been described as “a pleasant savory broth or meat-like taste.” Kombu is not fishy tasting at all and has a briny, almost mushroom-like flavor. Cool Breeze has a complex flavor and feels lightly refreshing. It may be used to help allay cold/flu discomfort including thirst, fever, and headache or may be used along with a sensible detox or slimming diet or during times of stress when we need a seaside vacation. 


Honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, schizonepeta, great burdock achene, peppermint, licorice root, bamboo leaf, phragmite rhizome, coptis root & rhizome, tangerine peels, chrysanthemum flowers, kombu seaweed

People who are unfamiliar with Chinese herbs may find their smell to be strong and taste at times bitter. We suggest that you become acquainted with them gradually. Empty the package of herbs into – quarts of water and simmer them for 30 minutes. A non-metal pot works best. If you have it use a ceramic coated or glass pot. The same herbs may be used again, the second cooking can be as long as 1 hour. Inhale the steam to help clear sinus congestion and head and throat discomforts. Allow the mixture to cool until it is comfortably warm. For fever, drink a small tea cup every two hours or as needed. If necessary you might add a little fresh lemon juice or raw honey to improve the flavor. Cold/flu teas and herbs are best used between meals so that they do not interfere with digestion. 

If diarrhea occurs after using detoxifying herbs, reduce the dosage. If weakness occurs after several day’s use, baring allergy, you might use a tonic herb such as reishi mushroom. Please see Fatigue Fighter in this selection of Herbal Rescue teas. 

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