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Green Tea Mojito-绿茶Mojito

Green Tea Mojito-绿茶Mojito

, by Sheldon Yang, 2 min reading time

Let the fresh and sweet Mojito accompany you through this hot summer! Mojito的味道清新甜蜜,让它陪你度过这炎炎夏日吧。  

Green Tea Mojito-绿茶Mojito

Summer is naturally sunny, beach, surf, and liquor. Although California has famous for red wine, what we are talking about today is the summer star -mojito.

Mojito originated in the romantic era of the Cuban revolution, even earlier. During the prohibition period in the United States, the Americans suffering from the hot summer and drink of alcohol in the holidays have run to Mexico and Cuba, so that Tequila and Mojito become popular in American! But the one really made Mojito famous is Hemingway, who wrote this on the wall of the La Bodeguita del Medio Tavern in Havana, where he often visited,

"My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita."

Today we are going to introduce you to an cold brew green tea Mojito, not only retains the ice crisp refreshing taste, but also avoid the risk of be pulled over by police on Freeway.

 The recipe of Green tea Mojito is simple: fresh mint, lime, syrup, cold brew green tea, crushed ice, sparkling water.

Production process:

1, Put lime juice, mint leaves and syrup into the cup.

2, Squeeze the thin lotus leaf with a pestle.

3, Add cold brew green tea, and then put ice cubes to 80% full.

4, Add a little sparkling water to go in, stir the long spoon slightly stir (from the top down).

5, Put in mint sticks or lemon slices when decorated, and then insert a straw.


Cold brew Green Tea production method:

1, Put the green tea (about 5g) on the filter paper, add a piece of ice , wet the whole piece of filters.

2, Put ice cubes, in order to accelerate the melting, you can add some water in.

3, Static, to ice melt into water and then drip through the tea, at room temperature of almost 3 hours. It can also be put into the fridge to delay this process and take out about 8 hours.

Why use clod brew tea instead of frozen hot tea?  "Tasted better,lol. ".

We also recommend three best green tea for cold brew.

The 2019 Spring tea of those products have arrived.


Mojito 起源于古巴革命的浪漫旧时代,甚至更早。在美国禁酒令时期,苦于炎炎夏日无酒可饮的美国人在节假日纷纷跑到墨西哥和古巴畅饮消夏,从而让Tequila和Mojito成为美国人的心头好! 然而真正让Mojito声名大噪的还是海明威,他曾在他常造访的哈瓦那的La Bodeguita del Medio小酒馆墙上写下这句话,

“我的莫希托在La Bodeguita小酒馆 ,我的德贵丽在El Floridita小酒馆。”

今天我们要给大家介绍的是一款冰滴冷萃绿茶Mojito,既保留了冰爽清新的口感,又免去了在高速上被警察叔叔Pull Over的风险。














  1. 洞庭碧螺,冷萃后的碧螺春寒香沁人,清冽爽口。
  2. 西湖龙井,单单那一抹晶莹透绿的茶汤便让人有春风拂面的感受。
  3. 太平猴魁,虽体态粗笨,但天生丽质却给冰茶带来一缕兰香,可谓惊艳。




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