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Herbal Rescue

Herbal Rescue

, by Sheldon Yang, 2 min reading time

Herbal Rescue  by Wing Hop Fung “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” --Sun Tse “The Art of War”

Herbal Rescue 

by Wing Hop Fung

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

--Sun Tse “The Art of War”

When we engage Nature to enhance wellness we become part of life force that springs from the Eternal. Herbs enter our blood, energy field, and mobilize our natural defenses against fatigue, emotional upset and illness. Herbs are powerful weapons that our body accepts. This selection of Wing Hop Fung herbal formulas may be used as needed to help protect you and your family during colds/flu season and the current coronavirus. 

The herbal formulas, based on centuries of Chinese herbal use, have been formulated especially at Wing Hop Fung to address our current needs. They are safe and convenient to use. Our Herbal Rescue tea selection features well-known antibiotic herbs such as honeysuckle flower and anti-fever herbs that have been time-tested during past epidemics and are currently being used in Asian hospitals to address COVID19. To balance their effects and enhance vitality, digestive herbs have been added for health and comfort. The herbal teas may be cooked ahead of time, used gradually and stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator for up to three days. 

It is advised for individuals who are using medication to address pre-existing health conditions to consult their health specialist. Caution is advised during pregnancy to avoid the over-use of cleansing herbs. Wing Hop Fung has created balanced formulas to prevent possible side-effects from using strongly cleansing or antibiotic herbs. However, for additional support, we offer Fatigue Fighter as well as other herbal teas which include the highly valued reishi mushroom. For children, use a reduced dosage and consult with a pediatrician. 

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 Letha Hadady, M.S., D.Ac., first loved herbs at age 5 in her Hungarian grandmother’s garden. Delight in the study of natural medicine took her to China, India, Thailand, and Tibet to study and work in hospitals and jungle huts. University studies include a B.A. University of New Mexico, M.S University of Paris and TCM and Ayurveda studies in New York. She graduated from Tri-State College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York and did supplementary acupuncture and herbal studies and work in Shanghai. Her most recent books available at include Karma Herbs and Heart to Heart care for your heart naturally. Her website is She lives in Manhattan with two cats, writes the Wing Hop Fung herb blog, paints portraits with oils and drinks Chinese tea all day.


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