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  • Fresh American Ginseng

    , by Web Admin Fresh American Ginseng

    Fresh American Ginseng 新鮮花旗參 Fresh American Ginseng effectively regulates our immune response and hormonal changes due to stress, thus maintaining homeostasis. In addition to suppressing...

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  • Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    , by Web Admin Chinese Herbs for PTSD

    Chinese Herbs for PTSD Wing Hop Fung stands with the community amidst the recent mass shootings. May we grieve, mourn, and more importantly advocate for our health,...

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  • Why Abalone

    , by Web Admin Why Abalone

    Abalone A Culinary Delicacy Superfood 海珍之寶_鮑魚Abalone is a yin-nourishing food that supports internal organs' health. It moisturizes the lungs, which improves breathing and complexion.

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  • Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure

    , by Web Admin Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure

    Bird’s Nest: A Rare Treasure 燕窩 Today Bird’s nest is mainly used is to supply collagen to beautify skin texture and elasticity. There are many...

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  • Springtime Power Boost

    , by Web Admin Springtime Power Boost

    Springtime Super-Charge Toning our digestion is a great way to brighten energy and mood and ease into seasonal changes. It all happens at once: Digestion...

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  • Our Metal Element in Autumn

    , by Web Admin Our Metal Element in Autumn

    Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) theory teaches that we are part of Nature and are made up of her elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal....

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  • Boost Your Immunity

    , by Web Admin Boost Your Immunity

      Boost Your Immunity Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that we are akin to Earth’s energy, influenced by seasonal changes and subject to the laws of...

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  • Herbal Rescue-Breathe Deep and Long

    , by Web Admin Herbal Rescue-Breathe Deep and Long

    Herbal Rescue-Breathe Deep and Long 濕熱清肺湯 For thick yellow phlegm, fever, indigestion To round out the herbal blend, Breathe Deep and Long adds herbs for...

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