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Build Immunity and Longevity

Build Immunity and Longevity

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  Build Immunity and Longevity In traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, it is understood that we require more moisture to bathe internal organs and support fluids during the dry and hot season.


Build Immunity and Longevity

In traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, it is understood that we require more moisture to bathe internal organs and support fluids during the dry and hot season. American ginseng, aka Panax quinquefolium, Siberian ginseng, raw tienchi ginseng, bird’s nest soup, sweet dried fruits and rejuvenating rhizomes such as rehmannia, he shou wu, jujube red dates, tremella white fungus and goji berries make healing dishes that ease dry skin, cough, thirst and blood deficiency. Supporting the stomach and lung’s moisture enhances our natural defense against stress and inflammation.

Caution: If you have chronic diarrhea, weakness or excess saliva use moistening herbs with care. Pregnant and breast feeding mothers should consult their doctors before using moistening herbs (which may be laxative.)


American, White, Quinquefolium Ginseng

Wing Hop Fung specializes in the highest quality ginsengs available at all price ranges. We invite you to browse our vast selection of ginsengs sourced ranging from the United States to Asia. American ginseng has been recommended for diabetes, chronic thirst and hunger, menopausal hot flashes, stress headaches, premature aging skin and chronic dryness. American ginseng (Panax ginseng quinquefolius), sweet and cooling, clears (chronic inflammation,) nourishes the lungs and (body fluids.) American ginseng is tonic and nourishing, has a very high health value, and is suitable for all ages and all seasons. It helps refresh internal organs and regulates the balance of physiological changes, it also improves immunity if used long-term.


Sweet Soups
Sweet herbal soups are popular all over south east Asian and the Chinese diaspora.
Qing Bu Liang Herbal Soup 6oz

Although the contents vary depending on the method of preparation, the mixture generally consists of seven standard herbs: Dioscorea, lily bulb, dried polygonatum, fox nut, pearl barley, dried lotus seed, and dried longan. There are variations of this recipe, made with pork or chicken. It can be served hot adding pungent toppings like scallions, pickled pepper, or radish. More often it is served cold as a sweet dessert either plain or by adding fruit such as apple or pear or lo han quo monk fruit pod during cooking. A stock can be added and simmered over low heat for two to three hours.

Medicinal Uses of Sweet Soups

Sweet soups are popular year round to detoxify the body, nourish the kidneys and lungs, and build up the blood. Individually, the ingredients have a wide array of indications. For example, lily bulb is used for mild cardiac insufficiency, arrhythmias, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones; pearl barley (coicis seed) is used for bronchitis. Round lotus seeds and lily bulbs are a very popular and common in South China and are classified in TCM as astringents, sweet and neutral, and good for the spleen, kidney, and heart. 

Settle the Stomach

Some people feel stressful situations in the digestive tract. They may experience “butterflies in the stomach.” However the stomach is only part of the GI tract. Digestion actually starts with the chewing action that sends a signal to the brain: “You are eating. Send digestive enzymes where they are needed.”

Acid Reflux

If we swallow air when eating, if muscles are tense due to spicy foods or emotional stress during meals, some people develop acid reflux, a feeling of stricture and burning in the esophagus. How can this discomfort be reduced?

  • Take a few deep breaths or say a prayer blessing the food before eating. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
  • Limit the use of caffeine, hot spice, raw onion and other strong digestive stimulants
  • Enhance digestion of fats and rich foods with Pu’er teas

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