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淫雨霏霏的冬日里,要不要来一碗营养美味的老火靓汤?永合豐 各式海味特價,歡迎來選購。



虫草花 ;排骨; 干贝芡实 枸杞;甜玉米


  1. 排骨飞水(放入凉水中,大火煮开沸滚3~5分钟,然后将水倒掉,冲洗干净)
  2. 虫草花、干贝、芡实、枸杞稍浸泡(2分钟即可),洗净
  3. 甜玉米去皮去须,洗净切成块或者段(玉米较硬,切时小心手)
  4. 除玉米和枸杞外的所有材料放入锅中,加入适量清水,武火煮开后转文火慢煲1小时
  5. 加入玉米和枸杞,再继续文火煲1小时左右
  6. 出锅前下盐调味即可




    Winter Soup - Cordyceps Flower Dried Scallops and Corn Soup 

    This is a popular soup mix that contains Cordyceps flower a highly nutritious mushroom. Cordyceps flower is the fruiting body of cultivated Cordyceps. It resembles orange-yellow "grass" has a mild taste and is similar to Cordyceps sinensis in health benefits. Compared to wild cordyceps the price is very reasonable and the mushroom flavor is mild and satisfying. 

    Cordyceps flower is known to protect the liver and kidney, replenish deficiency, and improve body immunity. 

    Benefits of Cordyceps backed by science

    • May Boost Exercise Performance 
    • Anti-Aging Properties
    • Potential Anti-Tumor Effects
    • May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
    • Possible Benefits for Heart Health 
    • May Help Fight Inflammation

    The soup mix combines cordyceps flower, dried scallops, gorgon (Euryale Ferox aka fox nut) and wolfberry. The soup is nourishing, refreshing and delicious.

    Winter Soup Recipe:

    Cordyceps Flower; Pork Ribs; Dried Scallops; Fox nut, Goji Berry and Sweet Corn; 

    Put the pork ribs in cold water, boil over high heat for 3 to 5 minutes, then pour off the water and rinse.

    Put all the ingredients except corn and wolfberry into a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil, then turn to low heat and cook for 1 hour. Add corn and wolfberry, and continue to simmer for about 1 hour. Season with salt before serving.


    1. When the Cordyceps flowers are soaked, the water will turn yellow, and the boiled soup will also be a beautiful golden yellow.
    2. Be sure to choose sweet corn, the boiled soup will have the sweet taste of corn.

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