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  • Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2019

    Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2019

    Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2019  


  • 鷺江牌保健美減肥茶 鷺江牌保健美減肥茶


    BOJENMI CHINESE TEA 鷺江牌保健美減肥茶 Bojenmi Tea is a popular product that has been used mainly for weight loss for the past twenty years. The herbs in this tea are traditionally used to enhance digestion, remove food stagnation, resolve accumulations of phlegm and moisture, and provide a slight laxative action. These four primary therapeutic actions is the combination recommended by Chinese herbalists to promote weight loss and healthy blood flow.

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  • 五指毛桃 五爪龙 8oz 五指毛桃 五爪龙 8oz

    五指毛桃 五爪龙 8oz

    五指毛桃  五指牛奶 五爪龙 粗叶榕 8oz 性味 甘;性平 功效 为桑科植物裂掌榕的根。 健脾化湿,行气化痰,舒筋活络。用于肺结核咳嗽,慢性支气管炎,风湿性关节炎,腰腿疼,脾虚浮肿,病后盗汗,白带。也是食药同源的植物,经常饮用能增强人体免疫功能。 食疗方 五指毛桃茯苓鸡汤 材料:五指毛桃30克,茯苓20克,陈皮5克,鸡半只,姜3片(2人份)做法:将鸡焯水,药材洗净,一同放入砂锅中,大火烧开后关中小火煲1个小时,加盐调味即可食用。功效:健脾祛湿化痰。 五指毛桃鸡骨草猪骨汤 材料:五指毛桃30克,鸡骨草30克,薏苡仁30克,猪骨500克(2人份)做法:将猪骨焯水,药材洗净,一同放入砂锅中,大火烧开后关中小火煲1个小时,加盐调味即可食用。功效:健脾祛湿清热。   Hairy Fig / Five Finger Fig Root /Ficus hirta Vahl 8oz Taste: Sweet  Effect: It is the root of Ficus Moraceae. To invigorate the spleen and dissipate dampness, promote qi and dissipate phlegm, relax tendons, and activate collaterals.  Used for tuberculosis cough, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, waist and leg pain, spleen deficiency and swelling, night sweats after illness, leucorrhea.   Diet therapy  Five Fingers and Poria Chicken Soup  Ingredients: 30 grams of five-finger, 20 grams of Poria, 5 grams of tangerine peel, half a chicken, 3 slices of ginger (for 2 persons)  Method: Blanch the chicken in water, wash the herbs, put them in a casserole, boil on high heat, then turn to medium and low heat for 1 hour, add salt to taste, and eat.  Efficacy: invigorating the spleen, dispelling dampness and phlegm.  Five Fingers, Abrus Herb, and Pork Bone Soup  Ingredients: 30 grams of five-finger hair peach, 30 grams of abrus herb, 30 grams of coix seed, 500 grams of pork bones (2 servings) Method: Boil the pork bones in water, wash the herbs and put them in a casserole. After the high heat is boiled, then turn to medium and low heat and cook for 1 hour. Season with salt and eat.  Efficacy: invigorating the spleen, dispelling dampness, and clearing away heat.  

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  • 集香茶道杯 玻璃茶具茶道飘逸杯 750ml/1000ml

    集香茶道杯 玻璃茶具茶道飘逸杯 750ml/1000ml

    集香茶道杯 玻璃茶具茶道飘逸杯 采用304食品级不锈钢过滤网 适用于冲泡各类茶叶茶包 玻璃通透耐热,茶汤可控,方便拆洗,组装简单 Ji Xiang Heat-resistant Glass Tea Pot with Filter This convenient, easy to use and attractive glass teapot has a food-grade stainless steel filter for tea brewing. Enjoy the rich tea color as it brews. This glass tea set can keep your tea warm and delicious. It comes in three sizes: 3.17 cups – 750ml 4.23 cups – 1,000 ml 5 cups  --    1,200 ml  

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    茉莉九曲紅梅 紅茶 #1511 茉莉九曲紅梅 紅茶 #1511

    茉莉九曲紅梅 紅茶 #1511

    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 浙江杭州 Zhejiang, China 品名Name: 茉莉九曲红梅  Jasmine Jiu Qu Hong Mei 保质期Shelf Life: 36 months 分类Sort: 红茶 Black Tea Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 卷曲紧致,乌黑油亮, Black twists with golden tips. 茶汤 Liquor: 鲜亮红艳,花香蜜韵,独特的甜香Mahogany juice. Rich jasmine aroma and pekoe flavor. 储存方法 Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place 等级Level: 一级 Premium   传统花茶里,常见的有茉莉花茶、玫瑰花茶、珠兰花茶,其中茉莉花茶一般采用绿茶为茶胚。近年来,出现了茉莉红茶比如茉莉九曲红梅, 单单从制作工艺上来讲,茉莉九曲红梅是茉莉花茶里最难窨制的一类。 九曲红梅是全发酵茶,想要引入茉莉的香味,必须反复尝试, 在漫长的发酵过程中,寻找一个恰当的节点,邂逅茉莉的芳香。  由于九曲红梅茶底全发酵的缘故,比不经发酵的绿茶底更具有锁香能力,因而香味更加悠长,茶性更为温润,不刺激肠胃。当 九曲红梅的鲜甜与茉莉浓香在杯中相遇,香气缱绻缠绕,悠然吐芳,茶汤红亮透明,温和顺滑,味道甘醇,回味无穷。  茉莉九曲红梅是集茶味之美、鲜花之灵于一体的茶品,冲泡方式也十分简单,且一年四季都适合饮用。   Jasmine Jiu Qu Hong Mei Black Tea #1511 The dry leaves of a fine Jiuqu Hongmei are tightly twisted into thin, brittle curls, matte black, with a hint of the distinctive citric smell of red plum. Using a traditional process, this fine-quality black tea is infused with the delicate fragrance of jasmine flowers.  A very rare and famous tea from the Zhejian Province of China, Jiuqu Hongmei black tea was first developed in 1926. It is called "red plum"/"Hong Mei" because of the reddish brew that it produces. It is a fine tea that rivals other high-quality teas since it is picked using the "two leaves and one bud" principle. This results in a brew that is warm and pleasing to the stomach.  It is medium amber in color, with a clear, smooth texture, and a sweetly fruity, flowery citrus taste. The bright red infusion has an appetizing honeyed sweet aroma while the taste is wonderfully smooth. fresh black tea with delicate hints of pine, orchid, and a jasmine-sweet underlying taste. It has a richer flavor and higher caffeine than green or white tea.    Brewing Method: Teacup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 194℉ / 90℃ 194℉ / 90℃ Tea Quantity: 3g Tea 5g Tea Brewing time:  2-4mins  5 steeps: rinse, 5s, 10s,15s, 25s, 40s  Rinse time is around 5 seconds

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    日本蠔豉 蛎干 16oz

    日本蠔豉 蛎干 16oz

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    日本 蠔豉 蚝豉 牡蛎干 16oz 需要保持冷藏  蚝豉,也称“蛎干”,一种海味,牡蛎(也称蚝)肉的干制品。是广东人民春节必食的菜肴。 春节是吃蚝好时机,蚝肉肥美,富含蛋白质,但忌豪吃,每天最好只吃一餐蚝肉,蚝豉的烹饪要注意食物的配伍原则。 购买蚝豉要注意几个原则:第一,看产地,一般认为日本产的最佳;湛江、潮汕等地的居次;珠海、深圳的也不错,但广州产的就不值得恭维。第二,手捏蚝豉的感觉要干和饱满,这意味着蚝肉新鲜、肉质丰富。第三,闻起来要有蚝香味。第四,观察颜色,金黄色蚝豉才是上品。 买好食材后,如果不是立即食用,就要注意保管问题,最好冷藏,并且一个月内吃掉,否则一旦空气侵蚀了蚝干,不仅流失了美味,而且对身体也不好。 Japanese Dried Oyster  KEEP REFRIGERATED Dried oysters are famous for regulating body organs and supplementing weak functions, nourishing the Yin and the blood, invigorating the kidneys and strengthens male functions. Rich in proteins and various nutrients, and is a precious food for improving skin and beauty. (hkjebn.com) Oysters are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and maintenance of healthy sperm. And even though women have much less testosterone than men, it also plays a key part in the female libido. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women. (cbsnews.com) Dried oysters, or ho see, are small, glossy and slightly shriveled, with a chewy texture and intense, salty-sweet flavour that is vastly different from the briny, light, refreshing taste of fresh bivalves. The flavour can be overwhelming, so the oysters should be used in small quantities. . .  Dried oysters need to be rinsed and soaked in warm water. The soaking liquid has a lot of flavour and can be included in the dish in place of broth or plain water. If the oysters are to be used whole in a stir-fry, steam them to soften further. (scmp.com) Here is a healthy recipe useful for breakfast or for recovery from illness or fatigue: Rice congee with dried scallops and dried oysters Seafood Rice Congee Ingredients:  1 cup medium-grain rice soaked for 30 minutes  12 cups filtered water  1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil 1 carrot, diced  6 dried oysters, pre-soaked  4  dried scallops, pre-soaked  2 scallions (aka spring onions), chopped  Soak dried oysters and scallops in cold water separately for at least 2 hours to soften them. Retain the soaking liquid. Shred the scallops, and cut oysters into small pieces. Peel carrot and dice into small cubes. Wash and rinse the rice several times. Place rice in a pot, add water and seafood liquid (used to soak the dried seafood), and bring to a boil. Add oysters, carrots, and 1 tsp oil. Let the congee boil, then lower heat to let it bubble for 20 minutes. Add the shredded scallops, and let congee simmer for 20-30 minutes. Do stir occasionally to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Turn heat off, and serve garnished with sliced spring onion. From the manufacturer:   Oyster sauce, also called "dried oyster" is dried seafood, (also called oyster meat.) It is a must-eat dish for the people of Guangdong during the Spring Festival [Chinese New Year]. The Spring Festival is a good time to eat oysters. Oyster meat is plump and rich in protein, but avoid excessive consumption. It is best to eat only one meal a day. When cooking oyster, pay attention to the principle of food compatibility. There are a few principles to pay attention to when buying oysters:  First, look at the place of production. Generally speaking, the best are produced in Japan; after that Zhanjiang, Chaoshan and other places are second; Zhuhai and Shenzhen are also good, but Guangzhou produced is not worthy of compliment.  Second, the oyster sauce should feel dry and full by hand, which means that the oyster meat is fresh and rich.  Third, it should smell of oysters [fresh, mild, and tasty].  Fourth, observe the color, golden oyster sauce is the top grade. After buying the ingredients, if you don't eat them immediately, you must pay attention to storage. It is best to refrigerate and eat them within one month, otherwise once the air erodes the dried oysters, it will not only lose the deliciousness but also be bad for the body.

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  • 永合豐 不锈钢 密封茶叶罐 永合豐 不锈钢 密封茶叶罐

    永合豐 不锈钢 密封茶叶罐

    永合豐 不锈钢 密封茶叶罐 An elegantly embossed stainless steel tea container that's the perfect complement to your kitchen counter or pantry. Store your favorite teas in this container that comes with two lids for added freshness.  Note: Depending on the density of the tea, you may or may not be able to fit the stated amount of tea in this tin. Measurements: 250 g (8.8 oz)6"H 150 g (5.28 oz)   5.25" H 100 g (3.5 oz)4.25"H

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    连花清瘟 胶囊

    连花清瘟 胶囊

    石家庄以岭 连花清瘟胶囊 连花清瘟胶囊,清瘟解毒,宣肺泄热 成份 连翘、金银花、炙麻黄、炒苦杏仁、石膏、板蓝根、绵马贯众、鱼腥草、广藿香、大黄、红景天、薄荷脑、甘草。辅料为:淀粉。 性状 本品为胶囊剂,内容物为棕黄色至黄褐色颗粒和粉末,气微香,味微苦。 用法用量 口服。一次4粒,一日3次。 规格 每粒装0.35克。 注意事项        1.忌烟、酒及辛辣、生冷、油腻食物。  2.不宜在服药期间同时服用滋补性中药。  3.风寒感冒者不适用。  4.高血压、心脏病患者慎用。有肝病、糖尿病、肾病等慢性病严重者应在医师指导 下服用。  5.儿童、孕妇、哺乳期妇女、年老体弱及脾虚便溏者应在医师指导下服用。  6.发热体温超过38.5℃的患者,应去医院就诊。  7.严格按用法用量服用,本品不宜长期服用。  8.服药3天症状无缓解,应去医院就诊。  9.对本品过敏者禁用,过敏体质者慎用。  10.本品性状发生改变时禁止使用。  11.儿童必须在成人监护下使用。  12.请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。  13.如正在使用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医师或药师。  14.运动员慎用。  15.打开防潮袋后,请注意防潮。 药物相互作用 如与其他药物同时使用可能会发生药物相互作用,详情请咨询医师或药师。 用药期间,应避免食用生冷、辛辣、油腻食物,忌烟酒、浓茶。由于连花清瘟胶囊中含有苦杏仁,因此不宜与利多卡因、普鲁卡因等局部麻醉药合用;也不可与磷酸可待因、喷托维林(维静宁、咳必清)合用,以免抑制呼吸,造成药物性的呼吸困难。由于其还含有麻黄,所以不宜与氨茶碱合用,否则会发生严重头痛、失眠等不良反应;也不宜与异丙肾上腺素(喘息定)合用,否则会引起心悸、血压上升、甚至出现高血压危象。   另外,服用连花清瘟胶囊,偶尔会引起轻微胃肠道不适、腹胀、腹泻等,一般停药后即可恢复。如果胃肠道反应严重,或者停药后上述症状没有好转,一定要及时去医院就诊。服用连花清瘟胶囊3天后,如果头痛、周身酸痛、鼻塞流涕、咳嗽、咽痛等症状没有改善,或出现症状加重的情况,也需要及时去医院就诊。 Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule /Cold Capsule Dosage: 4 Capsules at a Time, 3 Times a Day Shelf Life: 30 Months Features: Cold Medicine, Effective, Long Shelf Life This capsule contains yellow/brownish herbal granules and powder, with a slightly fragrant aroma and slightly bitter taste. Oral Dosage: 4 capsules at a time, 3 times a day. Each capsule contains 0.35 grams. Specifications:  Heat-clearing and detoxifying.Used for treating influenza as syndrome of heat toxin attacking lung.The symptoms are: fever or high fever, chills, muscle aches, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, headache, dry throat, red tongue, yellow or greasy fur, etc.Ingredients:Forsythia bark, honeysuckle flower, ephedra, fried bitter almonds, gypsum, Radix Isatidis, Mianma Guanzhong, Houttuynia cordata, patchouli, rhubarb, Rhodiola rosea, menthol, licorice and minimal starch. Herbal Actions: Forsythia, honeysuckle, isatis are antibiotic herbs. Processed gypsum powder is a strong anti-inflammatory. Mianma Guanzhong (Dryopteris root) is a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory vine. Ephedra, often used in epidemic disease, is detoxifying. All the herbs have toxin-clearing, anti-inflammatory effects. Rhubarb reduces fever and increases cleansing.   Precautions: 1. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy, cold/raw, or greasy foods.    2. It is not advisable to take herbal tonics (“nourishing Chinese medicine”) at the same time as taking this medicine.    3. It is not suitable for people with internal cold (chills, weakness, watery diarrhea) or the common cold.    4. Use with caution in patients with hypertension and heart disease. Those with severe chronic diseases such as liver disease, diabetes, and kidney disease should take it under the guidance of a physician.  5. Children, pregnant women, lactating women, elderly frail and spleen-deficiency loose stools should be taken under the guidance of a physician.    6. Patients with fever and body temperature exceeding 38.5℃ (101 degrees) should go to the hospital for treatment.    7. Take this medicine strictly according to usage and dosage, this product should not be taken for a long time.    8. If there is no improvement of symptoms after taking this medicine for 3 days, patients should go to the hospital for treatment.    9. It is forbidden for people who are allergic to this product, and those with allergies should use caution.    10. It is prohibited to use this product when its properties change. (for example, if the herbal actions cause weakening symptoms)   11. Children must use this under adult supervision.    12. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.    13. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.    14. Athletes use this product with caution.    15. After opening the moisture-proof bag, prevent exposure to moisture. Patients using prescribed medicines should check with their doctors before using this product. Notes:Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

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    滴露 消毒液 滴露(Dettol)是英国利洁时公司旗下的家用清洁用品和消毒液品牌,其于1933年首次在英国推出,滴露为啡色液体,有浓烈的刺激气味,遇水变成白色是其标志。 滴露消毒液是一种以对氯间二甲苯酚为主的高效消毒液,其主要成分为对氯间二甲苯酚(PCMX) 。呈无色或咖啡色液体,被广泛运用于酒店、医院、餐厅、家庭等卫生消毒。1932年,英国细菌学家雷诺博士研制成功滴露消毒液,并被用于医院。 PCMX具有抗菌活性,易溶于醇、醚、聚二醇等有机溶剂和强碱水溶液,且化学性质稳定,对多数革兰氏阳性、阴性菌和部分病毒都有杀灭功效,因而能够起到抗菌消毒的作用。 使用方法        皮肤消毒  · 轻度割伤、擦伤:  取1瓶盖(20ml)加入416毫升水,有效浓度为0.22%(w/v),清洗伤口3-5分钟,然后用干纱布或绷带包扎。  衣物消毒  · 漂洗、机洗  在洗涤过程中按1:52比例加入原液。  · 浸泡:  取3瓶盖加入1.25升水,有效浓度为0.09%(w/v),用于内衣、外衣、袜子等浸泡3-5分钟,游泳衣、儿童尿布、抹布、餐巾、毛巾等约5分钟。  家居消毒  · 地板、家居表面消毒:  取3瓶盖加入1.25升水,有效浓度为0.22%(w/v),用于清洗物体表面。  · 厕所、水槽、沟渠、废物箱:用原液消毒约5分钟。 注意事项 1、使用滴露消毒液时要注意用法、用量,按比例使用效果会更好; 2、滴露消毒液只供外用,一定要稀释后使用,任何情况下均不能吞服; 3、搁置在阴凉处保存,不要让儿童接触到; 4、如不慎入眼,要用清水冲洗或就医。 Dettol Original First Aid Antiseptic Liquid  Dettol Liquid Antiseptic Disinfectant is a proven effective concentrated antiseptic disinfectant that kills bacteria and provides protection against bacteria which can cause infection and illness. It can be used for gentle antiseptic wound cleansing and disinfection and antiseptic skin cleansing. Alternatively, use on floors and hard surfaces around the home for a hygienic clean.   Dettol disinfectant:  Dettol disinfectant is a high-efficiency disinfectant mainly based on para-chloro-xylenol. Its main component is para-chloro-xylenol (PCMX). It is a colorless or brown liquid, which is widely used in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, households and for other sanitation and disinfection.  In 1932, Dr. Reynolds, a British bacteriologist, successfully developed Dettol disinfectant and it was used in hospitals.  Instructions for Skin disinfection, mild cuts and scrapes:     Take 1 bottle cap (20ml) and add 416ml of water, the effective concentration is 0.22% (w/v), wash the wound for 3-5 minutes, and then wrap it with a dry gauze or bandage.  Clothing disinfection: Rinse, machine wash. Add the stock solution at a ratio of 1:52 during the washing process.  Soaking: Take 3 caps and add 1.25 liters of water, the effective concentration is 0.09% (w/v). It is used for soaking fabrics for 3-5 minutes for underwear, outerwear, socks, etc., and about 5 minutes for swimwear, children's diapers, rags, napkins, towels, etc.  Household disinfection: Disinfection of floors and home surfaces: Take 3 bottle caps and add 1.25 liters of water, the effective concentration is 0.22% (w/v) It is used to clean the surface of the object such as toilets, sinks, ditches, waste bins. Sterilize with stock solution for about 5 minutes. Precautions  Pay attention to the usage and dosage when using the disinfection solution, and the effect will be better when used in correct proportion;  Dettol disinfectant solution is for external use only, it must be used only after dilution, and cannot be swallowed under any circumstances;  Keep it in a cool place out of the reach of children;  If you accidentally get into your eyes, rinse with water or seek medical attention.

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    非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 黃花膠(1磅) 非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 黃花膠(1磅)

    非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 黃花膠(1磅)

    非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 鱼鳔 黃花膠#423(18-20條/磅) 非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 鱼鳔 黃花膠#424(28-30條/磅) 非洲 野生 淡水鱸魚花膠 鱼鳔 黃花膠#425(80-90條/磅) 鲈鱼花胶也叫黄花胶,通常是筒状,也称“黄花筒”,其营养价值很高,胶质好:炖后胶肉软滑,肉质较厚,口感不错。 黄花胶的营养极为丰富,据科学研究表明每500克黄花胶中含蛋白质442克,脂肪1克,钙250毫克,磷145毫克,铁13毫克,化学分析主要成分是高粘性胶体蛋白和粘多糖物质,具有强肾,益精、平火、补气等功能。具有强肾,益精、平火、补气等功能,具体为健腰腿,补肾虚的功效。    African Wild Weever Dried Fish Maw  (16 oz) African Wild Weever Dried Fish Maw#423 (18-20 pieces/lb) African Wild Weever Dried Fish Maw#424 (28-30 pieces/lb) African Wild Weever Dried Fish Maw#425 (80-100 pieces/lb)   Fish maw is a delicacy served during special occasions like Chinese New Year. However its nutrition is valuable year-round: Rich in collagen and protein, fish maw is a Chinese beauty secret for youthful skin. Fish maw contains rich proteins and nutrients. It nourishes 'yin' which means it replenishes the tissue, moisture, and fluids of the lung, stomach, liver, and kidney. It boosts stamina and helps prevent burnout. Furthermore, fish maw does not contain cholesterol and therefore it is a very valuable health-enhancing ingredient suitable for long time consumption. Fish maw is the dried form of fresh, high-quality air bladders of fish, which are rich in gelatin. The air bladders are taken from large fishes and are graded according to sex: male bladders are considered better than female ones. Among them, there are shark's tripe, Pollock maw, and premium fish maw. Fish maw (aka swim bladder, gas bladder, or air bladder) is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of much bony fish (but not cartilaginous fish) to float, i.e., control their buoyancy, and thus to stay at their current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. It is usually served braised, stewed, or in soup. Fish maw comes dried in a non-fried or fried form. The non-fried form is hard and dry, whereas the fried form is all white, puffy, and very light. The non-fried fish maw needs to be soaked then boiled with ginger until they are soft. Here is a simple recipe for two. Fish Maw Soup Ingredients:  2 chicken thighs 1 clove of garlic cooking oil 1 tablespoon raw ginger 1 cup dried fish maw pieces chicken soup stock or low sodium bouillon  1 package Sweet Soup/Qing Bu Liang Soup Rinse the fish maw in cold water. If it is hard, soak it for 30 minutes. Brown the chicken in oil and set it aside, brown sliced garlic and ginger in the oil until they become fragrant. Add back the chicken. Add the dry Sweet Soup ingredients. Cover the ingredients with chicken stock and simmer for 30 minutes or until the dry ingredients are soft. Add the fish maw and simmer for another fifteen minutes or until the fish maw is spongy soft and tender not dissolved. Season with soy sauce and garnish with chopped scallions.   

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  • 原生态 手工乌龙茶 (鋸朵仔/杏仁香、蜜蘭香、鴨屎香/銀花香、高山單樅) 原生态 手工乌龙茶 (鋸朵仔/杏仁香、蜜蘭香、鴨屎香/銀花香、高山單樅)

    原生态 手工乌龙茶 (鋸朵仔/杏仁香、蜜蘭香、鴨屎香/銀花香、高山單樅)

    原生态 手工乌龙茶 (鋸朵仔 杏仁香、蜜蘭香、鴨屎香/銀花香、高山單樅) Original Hand-Made Oolong Tea (Almond Aroma+Honey Orchid+Ya Shi Xiang+Dan Cong) Wing Hop Fung offers a choice of four highly select top quality Dan Cong oolong teas from China. Almond aroma is #121164; Honey Orchid is #121165; Ya Shi Xiang is #121166; and Dan Cong is #121167.  In the world of oolong tea, there are four main types – Tie Guanyin from southern Fujian province; Wuyi Mountain oolongs from northern Fujian; Taiwanese oolongs; and Dan Cong from Guangdong province.  What makes Dan Cong special is the unique aroma sub-varieties available within Dan Cong. There are said to be at least 10 different aroma sub-varieties of Dan Cong, each with unique taste and flavor profiles. And in general, all these sub-varieties fall into 1 of 3 main categories – fruity, floral and herbal aromas.  Another unique feature that makes Dan Cong amazing is that there are no artificial flavors, additives or essential oils added to create their vibrant flavors. All of the different varieties come straight from the tea leaves and no other additives. The tea flavors have been developed by generations of selective tea cultivation, tea plants chosen in order to bring out the naturally fragrant flavors.  The word "Dan Cong" literally means "single stem." If you look at an actual Dan Cong tea plant, it differs from your standard tea plant in that Dan Cong are all single trunk trees as opposed to long interconnected tea bushes. The whole idea of Dan Cong teas is that all varieties stem from a series of ancient "mother trees." Legends developed around these famous teas. For example, Ya Shi Xiang “duck shit flavor” tea was given that name by a farmer who feared that his prized tea plants would be stolen unless he made the tea less attractive. Other teas in the area were traditionally called such names as “thieves’ shit” for the same reason.

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    云南七子饼茶 2006 中茶黄印熟茶 普洱熟茶 茶饼/勐海普洱茶

    云南七子饼茶 2006 中茶黄印熟茶 普洱熟茶 茶饼/勐海普洱茶

    云南七子饼茶 2006 中茶黄印熟茶 普洱熟茶 茶饼/勐海普洱茶 中国土产畜产进出口公司云南省茶业分公司   Yunnan Chi Tse Beening Cha 2006 Ripe Pu'erh Tea Cake Pu’erh is a fermented tea with a flavor that deepens with age. Quality Pu'erh teas are collected and traded for high prices like fine wine... Generally speaking, Pu’erh can be sweet, bitter, floral, mellow, woody, astringent, sour, earthy. A combination of tastes appears in one single steeping. Bear in mind that the taste also changes as the tea ages. (teasenz.com) Arbor tea trees are ancient with a complex root system that gives depth to Pu'erh tea's taste and health effects. In China, Pu-erh tea has long been sipped to achieve a variety of health benefits, such as improvements in heart health and reductions in cholesterol levels. It's also said that Pu-erh tea can help promote weight loss, enhance eyesight, stimulate circulation, and soothe hangovers.  

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