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Wing Hop Fung has a Tea for every Season and Taste: White, Green, Pu’er, Oolong, Black teas, flower teas, and more from quality-controlled estates in China, Japan, England, Europe, and India.


Traditional Herbal Remedies Traditional Herbal Remedies Tea is serenity, medication, peace and everything a lover adore. Directly from our tea gardens in China and Japan.

Wing Hop Fung has a Tea for every Season and Taste: White, Green, Pu’er, Oolong, Black teas, flower teas, and more from quality-controlled estates in China, Japan, England, Europe, and India.

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    沉香葉茶#1197 沉香葉茶#1197

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    天目湖苦瓜茶(4 oz/包)

    天目湖苦瓜茶(4 oz/包) Balsam Pear (or Bitter Melon), otherwise known as Ku Gua, Gohyah, or it’s the more literal name-- Bitter Melon tea, is made from dried slices of bitter melon. Its light bitter taste is rather relaxing and pleasant. Balsam Pear tea does not contain any caffeine and is very beneficial to the body. As a traditional Asian remedy, it is consumed to help detoxify and cool the body and has been known to potentially reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 苦瓜茶是以採自山清水秀、無污染的天目湖自然保區。天然苦瓜經研碎後,混和綠茶拼配而成。入口茶味香濃,性涼微苦,清熱解毒。


  • 洋甘菊 #1274 洋甘菊 #1274

    洋甘菊 #1274

    洋甘菊#1274  洋甘菊的作用及功效:味微苦、甘香,明目、退肝火,治療失眠,降低血壓, 可增強活力、提神。增強記憶力、降低膽固醇。洋甘菊茶熱飲對感冒亦有不錯的功效喔!當漱口水可緩解牙痛;加入洗髮精內可為頭髮增加亮麗光澤;放鬆不安的身心,在失眠或常發惡夢的晚上飲用,可有意想不到的幫助﹗它還可以舒解眼睛疲勞,將沖泡過的冷茶包敷眼睛,更可以幫助去除黑眼圈。   Chamomile Flower #1274 Chamomile flower tea is an annual plant that is a relative of the sunflower. Grown in Europe and temperate Asia, the chamomile flower has been used medicinally for ages. Sometimes called “the plant doctor”, the active ingredients in this flower are the essential oils within, including chamazulene, flavonoid, and coumarin. Known for its soothing and calming effects, Chamomile is best used when brewed to make a relaxing beverage that is also a caffeine-free experience. It is best enjoyed as a relaxing beverage. Benefits of chamomile tea Reducing menstrual pain. ...  Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar. ...  Slowing or preventing osteoporosis. ...  Reducing inflammation. ...  Cancer treatment and prevention. ...  Helping with sleep and relaxation. ...  Treating cold symptoms. ...  Treatment for mild skin conditions. ( The role and efficacy of chamomile: slightly bitter taste, sweet and fragrant. It improves eyesight, relieves irritability, treats insomnia, lowers blood pressure, enhances vitality, and refreshes the senses. It enhances memory and lowers cholesterol. Hot chamomile tea is also good for colds! It can be used as a mouthwash to relieve toothache; when added to shampoo, it can add shine to the hair. Enjoy the tea to relax your restless body and mind. Drink it at night when you suffer from insomnia or nightmares. It can also relieve eye fatigue and dark circles around the eyes: Apply cold tea bags or brewed flowers to the eyes, lie down and relax.

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  • 敵糖 蕃石榴茶 (94包)


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    云南安宁 玫瑰花 #1328

    云南安宁 玫瑰花 #1328

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    云南安宁 玫瑰花 #1328  玫瑰花茶是一種清新淡雅的花茶,美容功效非常好,所以它非常受女性朋友的歡迎。只要加入開水,浸泡5分鐘後即可飲用。 玫瑰花茶的味道清香幽雅,能令人緩和情緒、紓解抑鬱中醫認為,玫瑰花具有疏肝解鬱、健脾降火、潤腸通便、行氣活血和消除疲勞的功效。長期飲用,對治療口臭及改善睡眠也有很好效果。   Dried Chinese Rose #1328 Chinese Rose Tea is made from buds specially selected and handpicked when they are young to preserve the natural shape of the flowers when being dried. As a result, they retain the full flavors and aroma within each rosette, emanating the natural rose essence. Enjoyable when brewed by itself or lightly sprinkled over other teas, Chinese Rose is traditionally enjoyed in Asia and is believed to beautify the complexion. Rose tea is a fresh and elegant scented tea with very good beauty benefits, so it is very popular with female friends. Just add boiling water, steep for 5 minutes, inhale the delicious aroma, and drink it any time of day. Rose tea has a delicate fragrance and elegant taste, which can help treat emotional upset and prevent depression. Chinese medicine believes that roses soothe the liver and relieve depression, strengthen the spleen and reduce inflammation, help soothe stomach upset and constipation, promote qi and blood circulation and eliminate fatigue. Long-term drinking prevents bad breath and improves sleep.

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  • 雲南 墨紅 凍乾玫瑰花 雲南 墨紅 凍乾玫瑰花

    雲南 墨紅 凍乾玫瑰花

    1 review

    云南 墨红 冻干玫瑰 墨红玫瑰花品种起源于法国,是云南古老的食用玫瑰品种之一,独特的形态特征,植株高约60cm,花朵重瓣30-35枚,花径10-12cm,花色深红带黑,自身色素含量高,有丝绒般的质感,花香浓郁纯正,花期为4-12月,花期长,花量多。 墨红玫瑰花含有丰富的维生素A、C、B、E、K,以及丰富的花青素和单宁酸,花青素是抗氧化和抗衰老的重要元素,单宁酸是预防心血管疾病的有效物质,玫瑰花的食用功效自古就在各大医书记载,古代民间早已形成食用玫瑰花养生的习惯,长期食用玫瑰花有助于疏肝解郁,行气活血,美容养颜。 墨红玫瑰花茶冲泡后,花香浓郁,芬芳扑鼻,饮用口感顺滑,玫瑰的香气在口中回甘,舒畅直达心间,味道甘甜、纯正。不建议搭配其他茶类或辅料一起冲泡,会影响玫瑰花的原味。 由于墨红玫瑰花茶有一股浓烈花香,调理口臭效果也很好,长期饮用可改善睡眠,还有助消化、消脂肪之功效,因可减肥,饭后饮用效果最好。 冲泡墨红玫瑰的建议 1.水温不超过80℃,墨红玫瑰中花青素含量丰富,温度过高时,花青素就会降解,花青素降解墨红玫瑰也就失去其特有的功效作用。 2.避开花朵注水,因为花瓣会被热水烫白,水沿杯壁注入。可用茶夹之类的工具把花朵入水中润开,帮助花朵的充分浸泡,利于内含物质析出。   Dried Dark Red Rose Tea The dark red rose variety originated from France,and is one of the ancient edible rose varieties in Yunnan. It has unique morphological characteristics. The plant height is about 60cm, the flowers are 30-35 double petals, the flower diameter is 10-12cm, and the flower color is dark red with black. High pigment content, velvety texture, rich and pure floral fragrance, the flowering period from April to December, long flowering period, and a lot of flowers.  Dark red roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and rich in anthocyanins and tannins. Anthocyanins are important elements for anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Tannins are used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The edible effect of roses has been recorded in major medical books since ancient times. The ancient folks have formed the habit of eating roses for health. Long-term consumption of roses can help relieve liver depression, promote qi and blood circulation, and beautify the face.  After brewing the dark red rose tea, the fragrance is rich and fragrant, and the taste is smooth to drink. The aroma of the rose returns to the mouth and comforts the heart. The taste is sweet and pure.  It is not recommended to brew with other teas or auxiliary materials, which will affect the original flavor of roses.  Since the dark red rose tea has a strong floral fragrance, so it is effective in regulating bad breath. Long-term drinking can improve sleep, and it can also help digestion and reduce fat. Because it can improve weight loss, it is best to drink after meals.   Suggestions for brewing dark red roses The water temperature should not exceed 80°C [170F]. The anthocyanin content in the black rose is rich. When the temperature is too high, the anthocyanin will be degraded, and the anthocyanin will lose its unique effect when the anthocyanin degrades the black rose.   Avoid the flowers when adding water because the petals will turn white from hot water. So add the water along the edge of the cup. You can use tools such as tea clips to moisten the flowers in the water and help the flowers to fully release their fragrance.

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    茉莉干花#1324 茉莉干花#1324


    茉莉花 干花#1324 每100克茉莉花含挥发油性物质2-3克,主要成分为苯甲醇或其脂类、茉莉花素、芳樟醇、安息香酸芳樟醇酯等,还含有吼哚,素馨内酯等物质。 Dried Jasmine Flower #1324 Jasmine flowers are a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty. They also symbolize deep affection, happiness, and elegance. Jasmine has a delicately sweet scent and brews a light tea when infused with hot water. It is also known to have a cooling and calming effect on one’s body. The jasmine flower is used to make medicine. Jasmine has been used for liver disease (hepatitis), liver pain due to cirrhosis, and abdominal pain due to severe diarrhea (dysentery). It is also used to cause relaxation (as a sedative). (  

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    洛神花  #1327 洛神花  #1327

    洛神花 #1327

    洛神花茶 #1327  洛神花也被称为玫瑰茄。有美容、瘦身、降压之功效,特别适合女性饮用。含味酸,维生素C,接骨木三糖苷、柠檬酸等营养成分。 玫瑰茄的花含有丰富的维生素C、β-胡萝卜素、维他命B1、B2等,不但可以促进新陈代谢、缓解身体疲倦、开胃消滞、振奋精神、清凉降火、生津止渴、利尿的功效,对治疗阳痿、心脏病、高血压、调节血脂,降低血液浓度等更是达到一定的效果,是一种保健食品。可以用来冲泡茶和制作饮料,建议喝的时候加点糖或者蜂蜜这种茶本来的味道会很酸直接喝对胃刺激较大。   Dried Roselle Flower / Hibiscus sabdariffa #1327 Dried Roselle Flower, also known as Hibiscus, is a dark red flower. Roselle is beautifying, slimming, and lowers blood pressure. It is especially suitable for [reducing stress.] It contains folic acid, vitamin C, elderberry glycosides, citric acid, and other nutrients. Roselle's flowers are rich in vitamin C, β-carotene, vitamin B1, B2, etc., which can promote metabolism and relieve physical fatigue. It can improve appetite and reduce stagnation, invigorate the spirit, reduce inflammation, promote body fluid, quench thirst, and increase diuresis. It can treat impotence, heart disease, high blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, and reduce blood concentration. It is a healthy food. It can be used to brew tea and make beverages. It is recommended to add some sugar or honey when drinking. The original taste of tea will be very sour. Drinking it directly may be more irritating to the stomach. 

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  • 罐) 罐)

    山東平陰 大紅玫瑰 (4oz/罐)



  • 番石榴茶(200g)


  • 盒)

    永合豐 雀石B845 绞股蓝 茶包(60包/盒)

    永合豐 雀石B845 绞股蓝 茶包(60包/盒)   絞股藍,又名七葉膽,在中國《農政全書》有記載;經國內外專家研究發現,絞股藍中含有絞股藍皂苷、人參皂苷和多種微量元素,故有南方人參之美稱。 絞股藍袋泡茶選自中國閩西無污染的西梅花山自然保護區的優質絞股藍為原料,經過科學工藝精製而成。湯色清亮,口味甘醇,深受消費者喜愛。 (內含 : 2克 X 60 茶包)   Jiao Gu Lan / 7-Leaf Ginseng Tea Bags (60 bags/box) Jiao Gu Lian Tea has been enjoyed by the Asian culture for thousands of years. It is made from a plant called Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, also known as Qiyedan or the "Miracle Grass". This tea is known to boost antioxidants and may aid in relieving stress and detoxifying the body, Jiao Gu Lian Tea is a healthy, caffeine-free drink. Jiaogulan is used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), improving memory, and preventing hair loss. (


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    絞股藍茶 #1332 絞股藍茶 #1332

    絞股藍茶 #1332

    绞股蓝茶#1332 绞股蓝茶是我国一种古老的中草药和常饮茶,采摘绞股蓝嫩叶和嫩芽,经由现代中药加工工艺与古法炒茶工艺相结合炮制而成绞股蓝茶,茶汤碧绿,稍带清香、微苦,入喉回甘。具有降血压、降血脂、降血糖、延缓衰老等功效。   Jiao Gu Lan Tea / Gynostemma Pentaphyllum #1332 Jiao Gu Lian, also known as miracle grass, is an herbaceous vine indigenous to southern China, Korea, and Japan. It is best known as a herbal medicine reputed to have powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic effects that increase longevity. It contains no caffeine and has been used to help lower high blood pressure. Its taste is sweet like stevia and can be slightly bitter and sour. Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) is a climbing vine native to China believed to have healing properties. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is said to offer anti-aging benefits and aid many common health conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and anxiety. . . Jiaogulan is generally regarded as safe, though it may cause side effects including nausea and an increase in bowel movements. People with diabetes who are taking insulin or other blood-sugar-lowering medications should use jiaogulan with caution, as it may lead to hypoglycemic episodes.  

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