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  • 宜兴紫砂 天际壶 户外便携式 功夫茶壶 旅行茶具套装 宜兴紫砂 天际壶 户外便携式 功夫茶壶 旅行茶具套装

    宜兴紫砂 天际壶 户外便携式 功夫茶壶 旅行茶具套装

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    宜兴紫砂 天际壶 户外便携式 功夫茶壶 旅行茶具套装  茶壶 Tea pot: 12.5*8.5*6 cm 150ml 茶杯 Tea cup: 6*3 cm 40ml 茶盘 Tray: 30*14*2 cm

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  • 日本茶具五件套 TPS95 日本茶具五件套 TPS95

    日本茶具五件套 TPS95

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    日本茶具六件套 Size(Inch) 茶壶 Tea pot: 6.5 * 5 * 3 茶杯 Tea cup: 3 * 3 * 2 (5Pc) Set of four teacups and tea pot packaged in a black gift box. What a great gift! Make in Japan.

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  • 集香長嘴玻璃內膽壺400ml 集香長嘴玻璃內膽壺400ml


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    產品介紹 手工吹製高硼矽玻璃壺,可耐冷耐熱可明火加熱或電陶爐上加熱尺寸(inch):茶壺: 6 * 4 * 4.5內膽: 3.5 * 3.5 * 2.5   product description Hand-blown borosilicate glass pot, resistant to cold and heatCan be heated on an open flame or on an electric ceramic stoveSize (inch):Teapot: 6 * 4 * 4.5Liner: 3.5 * 3.5 * 3

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  • 集香玻璃 角嘴鱗紋壺 580ML 集香玻璃 角嘴鱗紋壺 580ML

    集香玻璃 角嘴鱗紋壺 580ML

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    集香玻璃 角嘴鱗紋壺 580ML 产品介绍 纯手工吹制得膨胀系数为3.3得高硼硅玻璃可承受-20至150C 瞬间温差强度高,透明度纯无铅五毒无害,玻璃容器喝水更健康 注意事项: 玻璃易碎品,请避免壶身掉落及受巨大撞击,以免产品破损可明火加热,支持电陶炉,恒温宝灯加热(不支持电磁炉)产品款式以盒内实物为标准 尺寸 内胆 3.5 * 3.5 * 3茶壶 6 * 4 * 4.5 Jixiang Glass Corner Mouth Scale Pattern Pot 580ML product descriptionPurely hand-blown high borosilicate glass with an expansion coefficient of 3.3Can withstand -20 to 150C instantaneous temperature differenceHigh strength, pure transparencyLead-free and five-toxic harmless, drinking water in glass containers is healthierPrecautions:Glass is fragile, please avoid the body of the pot from falling and being subjected to a huge impact to avoid damage to the productCan be heated by open fire, support electric ceramic stove, constant temperature treasure lamp heating (does not support induction cooker)The product style is based on the actual product in the boxsizeLiner 3.5 * 3.5 * 3Teapot 6 * 4 * 4.5

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