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  • 龍塢村 西湖龍井 綠茶#1076 龍塢村 西湖龍井 綠茶#1076

    龍塢村 西湖龍井 綠茶#1076

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    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 杭州 龙坞村产区 Zhejiang, China 品名Name: 龙坞村 西湖龙井   Longwucun Longjing 保质期Shelf Life: 18months 分类Sort: 炒青绿茶  Green Tea 等级Level: 一级 Premium 采摘Season: 清明前 Spring Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆ 干茶 扁平光洁,匀长挺直, 嫩绿带黄 茶汤 香气浓郁,豆香、栗香悠长,鲜甜甘爽, Body: Flattened tea leaves, with one bud andone or two leaves Liquor: Sweet and nutty, smooth and rich with slight vegetal undertones 储存方法 阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Storage: Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in a cool, dry place; refrigerator at 4~10℃   建议:为保证口感,请尽快饮用. SUGGESTION: TO ENSURE THE TASTE, PLEASE DRINK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 此茶产自西湖龙井产区龙坞村,为手工炒制的明前西湖龙井。干茶外形扁平光滑,芽长于叶,色泽嫩绿,体表无茸毛;汤色嫩绿(黄)明亮,清香润喉;滋味清爽或浓醇;叶底嫩绿完整。 “西湖龙井茶” 产区范围广阔辖区纵深。不仅包括以西湖风景名胜区以内的:狮、龙、云、虎、梅、为代表的五大核心一级产区,也包括龙坞、留下、转塘、周浦、等二级产区。 龙坞茶村是西湖龙井茶的主要产区,是农业部认定的西湖龙井茶文化系统,杭州市政府认定的西湖龙井茶保护基地,中国茶叶股份有限公司西湖龙井茶原料基地。 The special-grade West Lake Longjing and Zhejiang Longjing spring teas have flat, smooth, light-colored leaves with sharp seedlings, buds. The leaves are long, pointed, smooth, and green in color. The soup is bright green-yellow. it has a delicate mild chestnut fragrance. The taste is refreshing and mellow with a vegetal, sweet aftertaste. The bottom of the leaf is tender and green and still intact. Lion Hill Green tea is actually a variation of Dragon’s Well Green Tea. Dragon’s Well Green tea consists of four types of variation: Lion, Dragon, Cloud, and Tiger, each of which is grown on different mountains. Among these four, Lion is considered the best one as it provides the most fragrant and smoothest drink. Dragon’s Well teas are recognized by their unique leaf shape that is flat and pointed at both ends. This tea is very smooth with flavors of roasted chestnuts. Brewing Method: Teacup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 185℉ / 85℃ 185℉ / 85℃ Tea Quantity: 5 g Tea 5g Tea Brewing time:  5 - 8 mins 5 steeps: rinse, 45s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s  

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  • 獅峰山 西湖龍井 綠茶#1282 獅峰山 西湖龍井 綠茶#1282

    獅峰山 西湖龍井 綠茶#1282

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    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 浙江杭州 狮峰山产区 Zhejiang, China 品名Name: 狮峰山 西湖龙井 群体种 Shi Feng Longjing 保质期Shelf Life: 18months 分类Sort: 炒青绿茶  Green Tea 等级Level: 特一级 Supreme 采摘Season: 清明前 Spring Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆ 干茶 扁平光洁,匀长挺直, 嫩绿带黄 茶汤 香气浓郁,豆香、栗香悠长,鲜甜甘爽, Body: Flattened tea leaves, with one bud andone or two leaves Liquor: Sweet and nutty, smooth and rich with slight vegetal undertones 储存方法 阴凉、干燥、储存在4~10℃ 的冰箱 Storage: Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place   建议:为保证口感,请尽快饮用. suggestion: To ensure the taste, please drink as soon as possible. 此龙井茶产自西湖龙井核心产区狮峰山产区,由我公司产品经理从合作20余年的当地茶农手中收集而来。 群体种是龙井茶最早的品种,也是目前来看茶叶品质最好的,现在人们常说的狮峰山上的西湖龙井茶就是这个品种。一般来说,群体种采摘的时间较其它品种要晚一些,大约在清明左右。该品种的种植面积仅限于西湖产区,面积十分有限。 龙井群体种所生产的特级龙井,其茶香口感甘醇浓厚,回甘更强,并且,在冲泡之后,龙井的香气也是馥郁持久,不过对于这类型的茶叶来说,更适合老茶客的口感,对于初次接触龙井的人,可能口感上会有些许的不适应。 Brewing Method: Teacup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 185℉ / 85℃ 185℉ / 85℃ Tea Quantity: 5 g Tea 5g Tea Brewing time:  5 - 8 mins 5 steeps:  45s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s   Longjing (Dragon Well) is the most famous green tea in China. Longjing tastes sweet, mellow, and rounded. It has a fresh, snap-pea and slightly chestnut and butter fragrance, a toasty smooth flavor with delicate nutty notes. It's never astringent or bitter-tasting when brewed correctly. Regular consumption is known to lower blood pressure and help keep cholesterol levels under control, thus helping to prevent atherosclerosis and lowering the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Longjing is grown in the mountains around the West Lake area of Hangzhou in the central coastal province of Zhejiang, an area long believed to be proof of Heaven on Earth. The area has been producing critically acclaimed green teas since at least the Song Dynasty, when Lu Yu, the famous author, mentioned the region in The Classic of Tea. Hangzhou and specifically the area around Xihu (West Lake) is known for a mild, temperate, and often rainy climate, creating the perfect terroir to maximize flavor. In the village of Longjing, Dragon Well refers to an auspicious local well, where the swirling rainwater with particularly dense groundwater gives the impression of dragons beneath the surface. Longjing was named after that well near the Old Longjing Temple some 1700 years ago. While digging the well, a farmer found a unique dragon-shaped stone and called it Dragon Well. A popular legend is that a dragon lived near the well and during an extreme drought, the dragon saved the village by providing rain. In any case, Longjing tea grown in the area of Dragon Well is magical, fragrant, and the most highly praised green tea.  Once designated as a tribute tea, offered to visit dignitaries, it is frequently found listed among the Ten Famous Teas of China, (aka Zhong Guo Shi Da Ming Cha 中国十大名茶 .) Longjing tea was made famous by the Qing Emperors who loved Hangzhou City. While visiting Hu Gong Temple, Emperor Qian Long loved Longjing tea so much that he claimed the eighteen bushes for himself ranking them as Tribute Tea Trees. Visitors can still admire these vibrant trees today at the foot of Shi Feng Mountain.

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  • 安溪高山乌龙(8 oz) 安溪高山乌龙(8 oz)

    安溪高山乌龙(8 oz)

    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 福建 Fujian, China 品名Name: 高山冻顶乌龙 Premium High Mountain Oolong Tea 等级Level: 二级 Regular 分类Sort: 乌龙茶 Oolong Tea 保质期Shelf Life: 24 months 香型 Aroma: 浓香型 Highly aromatic Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆☆ 干茶Body: 外形卷曲,色泽乌润Tightly curled into semi-ball, sand-green color 茶汤Liquor: 茶汤金黄,回甘十足Smooth and robust with nutty notes and a buttery finish 储存方法Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place 属传统半发醇的高山冻顶乌龙茶,适合资深茶友饮用,因为口感较重,叶子的成色看上去在绿色的茶叶后面还有轻黑和微黄的叶子,也就是成色不是最好,但是口感是最纯正的,金黄色的汤水是浓香型茶叶的代表。 温馨提示:传统浓香的乌龙茶具有医学上讲到的暖胃、降血压、血脂、减肥的功效,很适合应酬多,饮食结构不合理的,肠胃有小毛病、血脂血压高,感觉自己身体发胖的朋友饮用。 The name Premium High Mountain Oolong tea is associated with quality and flavor of Oolongs that are grown in high elevations. With higher elevation, comes greater quality. This Anxi grown tea is a more affordable alternative to other High Mountain Oolong Tea of its type. The benefit is Anti-oxidant, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reducing fatty deposits within the system after meals, and maintaining overall heath. Brewing Method: Tea cup Chinese Gongfu Method Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 212℉ / 100℃ 212℉ / 100℃ Tea Quantity:  2 Teaspoons / 5g Tea 7g Tea Brewing time:   3 - 5 mins  7 steeps: rinse, 15s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 55s, 75s, 85s  Rinse time is around 5 seconds


  • Pu-Er Tea Gift Set (Red Blue & Green Stamp) - 2007yr Pu-Er Tea Gift Set (Red Blue & Green Stamp) - 2007yr

    紅印/綠印/藍印 普洱茶 茶餅 禮盒 2007 #120895

    Pu-Erh Black Tea is unique in that it gets better with age, much like wine. It initially starts out as a green tea but is not fully fired. Instead, the moist leaves are loosely stacked on top of each other to allow to dry and age. The result is a color change from green to a deep burgundy. Supreme Pu-Erh has a more fragrant earthy aroma than other Pu-Erh. This tea has a medium smoky brew with delightful earthy notes. It has a stronger flavor. Also, it is made of larger loose tea leaves as compared to other Pu-Erh. How to Brew: Brewing Method: Teacup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature:  212℉ /100℃  212℉ /100℃ Tea Quantity: 5 g Tea 7 g Tea Brewing time:  1-2 mins 8 steps: rinse,10s,15s,20s,25s,35s,45s 60s,90s  Rinse time is around 4 seconds

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  • 盒) 盒)

    甄選 日本北海道宗谷 特級元貝(1磅/盒)

    甄选 日本北海道宗谷 特级元贝 (16oz/box) 元贝,又称为瑶柱。 自清朝以被奉为「海八珍」之一。味道鲜甜,性平,一般群众均适合食用。含有丰富蛋白质, 鲜香回甘,是升华菜式鲜味的好帮手。元贝分为不同等级,越大的元贝营养价值越高,味道更好。 宗谷元贝→产自日本北海道北端的元贝,香味特别浓郁,色泽金黄,味道鲜甜,入口无渣,颗圆而整齐,结身有光泽。 处理程序: 元贝用清水洗净,以热水浸约1小时(视乎大小而定),连水留用,便可进行烹调。 储存方法: 元贝放于通风阴凉处,如预较长时间食用,建议封好摆入雪柜(0-8℃) 为佳 元贝参考做法: 元贝烩羮,鲜甜味清,配料选用火鸭则香惹,选用鸡丝则鲜甜,选用鱼翅则清爽; 元贝炖汤,炎夏佳选,因为选料多以清、甜、鲜、惹之特质,故食味重于清纯,不见油腻; 元贝煲粥,清鲜脱俗,除可元贝清粥,加入鸡肉同煲,味道更加鲜甜可口。 Japanese Dried Scallop Gift Box  (1lb/box) Why cook with dried scallops (Yuanbei)? They are more flavorful and nutritious. Dried scallops are mild and salty. They enrich our blood and improve spleen health. In every 100 grams of dried scallop, there are 65.7 grams of protein, which is 2-3 times more than found in chicken, beef or shrimp. According to the USDA, one 3-ounce serving of plain, steamed scallops contains 94 calories. It contains 35 milligrams of cholesterol, and 0.19 grams of both saturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Scallops are a low-calorie and low-cholesterol food. They are also low in fats — all types of fats. Yuanbei nourishs yin and the kidney, calms the liver and “clears heat,” reduces inflammation. It can be very valuable for women who have a weak liver and kidney, for initial recovery after illness or postpartum weakness.   It is sweet and mild in nature. The method of cooking Yuanbei is very simple, as long as it is rinsed and soaked in clean water for half an hour or more (depending on the size of the Yuanbei.) Storage method: Put the scallop in a ventilated and cool place. It is recommended to seal it and put it in the refrigerator (0-8℃). As Qingdao Yuanbei is relatively wet, if it is to be consumed for a long time, it is recommended to seal it and keep it in the freezer (-18℃ or below). Suggested Recipes:  Yuanbei stewed soup is a good choice for summertime because the ingredients are mostly clear, sweet, fresh, and spicy. The taste is flavorful, not greasy Yuanbei porridge is light and refined. In addition to Yuanbei porridge, by adding chicken to the pot, the taste is sweeter and more delicious.  

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  • 包) 桐鄉杭白菊 永合豐监制  16oz


  •  YAC18 (10cups)

    Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker NS-YAC10 (5.5cups) / YAC18 (10cups)

    The Umami® Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer comes with Zojirushi's exclusive Umami setting that soaks and steams the rice longer for enhanced flavor. It also has a Slow Cook function that allows the rice cooker to work like a slow cooker. ● Micro computerized Fuzzy logic technology ● Zojirushi's exclusive Umami setting soaks and steams rice longer for enhanced flavor ● Versatile slow cook function to cook soups and other menus ● Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle ● Spherical inner cooking pan and heating system ● Delay timer (2 settings) ● Menu settings include: white, umami, mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free, quick cooking and slow cook ● cETLus listed ● Made in Japan

    $255.00 - $270.99

  •  JKT-B18U (10cups)

    Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer

    The TIGER JKT-B multi-functional induction heating (IH) rice cooker allows you to cook perfect rice with the power of IH. With the press of a button, Tiger's Automatic Cooking Logic™ system actively monitors cooking temperatures to create perfect rice. With eight computerized menu settings, there is a setting to fit just about any kind of rice. Your morning oatmeal can also be made with the oatmeal setting. ● 3 layer metal inner pot (1.5mm) ● 8 computerized cooking menus including brown rice and porridge settings ● 2 preset cooking timers ● Detachable steam cap for easy cleaning ● Stainless steel design

    $356.00 - $379.00

  • 盒 盒

    特級日本北海道刺參 1磅/盒

    特級日本北海道刺參 規格:(22-40頭,40-70頭,70-100頭,130-160頭,160-190頭 )/磅 /盒

    $1,088.00 - $1,588.00

  • 品品香白茶 福鼎白茶2017年老树白茶4000克白毫银针 白牡丹 贡眉 寿眉 木盒收藏装 品品香白茶 福鼎白茶2017年老树白茶4000克白毫银针 白牡丹 贡眉 寿眉 木盒收藏装

    品品香白茶 福鼎白茶2017年老树白茶4000克白毫银针 白牡丹 贡眉 寿眉 木盒收藏装

    品品香白茶 福鼎白茶2017年老树白茶 白毫银针/ 白牡丹/贡眉/寿眉 木盒收藏装 整套价格: $4937 Whole Combo: $4937 Aroma: Fresh with tender pekoe fragrance,sweet floral with hint of sticky rice fragrance Liquor: Bright orange-yellow Taste: Sweet and refreshing, full of tender pekoe feeling,sips come in soft silky and smooth taste with hint of soymilk flavour Brewing Method Tea cup: 8.5oz / 250ml Temperature: 176℉ / 80℃ Weight: 2 Teaspoons / 2g Tea Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins  Aroma: Fresh with tender pekoe flavour Liquor: Bright light yellow color Taste: Fresh and sweet, with slight soymilk taste,fragrance mouth feel and long-lasting lingering sweet aftertaste Manufacturer: Pinpinxiang Tea 厂名:福建品品香茶业有限公司 厂址:福鼎市桐城资国寺村山下 配料表:福鼎白茶白毫银针 白牡丹 贡眉 寿眉 储藏方法:常温,阴凉,干燥,密封存放 保质期:36500 天 食品添加剂:无 净含量: 4000克 包装方式: 包装 包装种类: 礼盒装 品牌: 品品香 系列:老树白茶 规格: 2017年 茶种类: 福鼎白茶 级别: 特级 产地: 中国大陆

    $1,099.99 - $1,999.99

  • Finum Hot Glass System 200 ml Finum Hot Glass System 200 ml

    德国芬伦 过滤式双隔热玻璃杯 200ml/ 8oz

    The finum® glass systems are equipped with perfectly matching permanent filters – a simple and elegant solution for individual tea brewing. Each  system comes with a hat to prevent heat loss and to serve as drip-off tray after brewing. The double-wall glass keeps your drinks hot longer. Cool Touch: The Hot Glass & Hat is the solution for everyone who wants to keep fingers cool while keeping the drink much longer hot – The double wall insulates hot and cold beverages alike with yet a second effect. No more damaged surfaces through wet vapor-film rings or heatmarks as the double wall keeps them away. No coaster is necessary anymore! Hot Design: Equally equipped with our stylish tea hat it allows you to enjoy your tea individually. The hat serves as a drip off tray for the filter! Highlights double-walled, made from borosilicate (heat resistant) glass lid serves as drip-off tray 200 ml capacity for tea, coffee and spices micro-fine stainless-steel mesh tasteless, BPA free material easy to clean dishwasher safe tea hat prevents heat-loss ø glass: approx. 8,9 cm height glass: approx. 8,7 cm ø hat (outside): approx. 10 cm  


  • Finum Universal Filter Finum Universal Filter

    德国芬伦 原香多用滤茶器

    The unique adapter funnel of this finum® permanent filter offers ample room for tea leaves to unfold and to release their full flavor and fits to almost any mug or tea pot. The filter is made of stainless-steel  micro-mesh in a heat-tolerant frame  from BPA-free material. It is durable and dishwasher-safe. The hat of the filter helps to prevent heat loss and doubles as drip-off tray. Highlights fits to almost any size of mug or pot heat resistant plastic frame dishwasher safe tasteless stainless-stell mesh hat doubles as drip-off tray available in black filter height: 10,6 cm hat height: 1,6 cm outer diameter: 8,5 – 10,5 cm



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