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Wing Hop Fung is known for offering the best ginseng in town. This highly prized supertonic is our specialty and passion. We invite you to browse the vast selection of ginseng and pick up a few boxes for you and your loved ones.

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  • 八裕豐年高麗參 良30(四兩裝) 八裕豐年高麗參 良30(四兩裝)

    八裕豐年高麗參 良30(四兩裝)

    八裕豐年高麗參 良30(四兩裝) 功效 五加科植物人参带根茎的根,经加工蒸制而成。 具有大补元气、滋补强壮、生津止渴、宁神益智等功效。 主治 具有大补元气、滋补强壮、生津止渴、宁神益智等功效,适用于惊悸失眠者,体虚者,心力衰竭、心源性休克等。 注意禁忌 畏五灵脂,反藜芦。禁与萝卜同食。 【产区甄别】 真正的高丽参是选用生长了6年的人参进行炮制的,分白参和红参两种,但是通常指的高丽参是指红参。 红参的炮制过程中会采用多种其它中药材来化解人参的"燥气",同时增加其功效。真正的"正官庄"丽参相当于韩国官方认证的高丽参,其炮制的过程和其它药材 的种类、配比是保密的。也就是说,韩国产的高丽参,同一等级的参各品牌之间也会有所差异,这是炮制和配方的区别引起的。    国产的"高丽参"多采用长白山地区的种植人参,由于没有严格的年限界定,所以其人参的原料的选取不一定是6年生的,大多在3-4年,本身人参的效用会有一些差异。而炮制的方法和其它药材也会与韩国有所区别,确切的说应该是中国朝族人按照朝族的炮制方法制作的红参,不能确切称为"高丽参"。其中芦头可以很明确的区分一下,如果芦头上的"芦碗"不是6个,而是少于6个,肯定是国产的,而非进口的原装。 色泽 进口的高丽参(红参),色泽酱红,表皮坚实,少有褶皱,呈压缩的四棱柱形,其中天、地两个等级的会有两条腿的分支,修建非常齐整。人、良两个等级要求没有那么严格了。另外,在强光的透视下,真正的高丽参是完全半透明的,其中少有或根本没有不透明的结节。如果你看到的人参在以上色泽方面有差异,可以肯定不是正品。   BYFN 6Y R Ginseng (Good 30) Korean ginseng is a perennial rhizome plant. Authentic Korean ginseng refers specifically to ginseng produced on the Korean peninsula and has a history of thousands of years in North Korea. Since the Korean era, it has been widely cultivated and recognized by the world as the best ginseng. The roots with rhizomes of Araliaceae plants are processed and steamed. Its effects include nourishing vitality, nourishing and strengthening the body, relieving thirst and calming, and nourishing the mind. It is suitable for people who have insomnia, physical weakness, heart failure, and cardiogenic health issues.  Authentic Korean ginseng has been grown for 6 years. There are two types which are white ginseng and red ginseng, but the Korean ginseng is usually referred to as red ginseng. During the processing of red ginseng, a variety of other Chinese medicinal materials are used to resolve the "dryness" of ginseng and increase its efficacy.  Red ginseng is classified into four grades:  Heaven, Earth, Good, and Cut. A Heaven-grade product, which is very rare and special, should not have cracks and scratches. The color of the textures must be maroon, brown, or dark brown. An Earth-grade product has cracks and scratches on less than a quarter of them. Earth-grade rootlet grading is the same as that of heaven-grade. There must be a diameter of ≤2.0 mm of whitening and pitting effecting less than a quarter. The earth-grade textures/colors are similar to heaven-grade. The Good grade standard is not limited to the body. Rootlets are unbalanced. Whitening of the body length is one third or less, and the pitting of the body length is one half or less. Like the other two grades, the Good-grade color is shiny, but the color is not uniform. The Cut-grade has no standard and grade. Korean red ginseng roots are carefully selected, steamed with the skins unpeeled, preserving vital nutrients and flavors. Light yellowish-brown to light reddish-brown in color, the steamed and dried Korean red ginseng roots may remain preserved for periods up to 10 years or more. If the ginseng is different from the above colors, it is definitely not genuine. Cautions: Do not eat Korean ginseng with Wulingzhi, Veratrum (American hellebore), or radish. Consult an herbalist if you mix red ginseng with other stimulating herbs or medicines.



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