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  • Lantern Featival

    , by AdminWeb 元宵節

    元宵節快樂 元宵節,又稱元宵節。人們在這一天享受與家人和朋友在一起的時光。有很多活動,包括放燈籠、舞獅和吃湯圓。

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  • Longjing Dragon Well Teas

    , by Web Admin Longjing Dragon Well Teas

    Longjing Dragon Well Teas 龍井茶 Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) is known for its connection to dragons due to its name and the shape of...

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  • Hawthorn: A Miracle Berry

    , by Web Admin Hawthorn: A Miracle Berry

    Hawthorn: A Miracle Berry If you could find a tart, tasty berry that is low in sugar and fat and extremely healthy for the heart,...

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  • Dragon Foods: Longan Fruit

    , by Web Admin Dragon Foods: Longan Fruit

    Dragon Foods: Longan Fruit 龍眼 In honor of the Year of the Dragon, we are celebrating Dragon themed foods and medicines. The Chinese Dragon is known...

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  • 2024 the Year of the DRAGON

    , by Web Admin 2024 the Year of the DRAGON

    2024 the Year of the DRAGON Wing Hop Fung honors all that is Dragon: Vibrant health, enthusiastic energy and happiness, ambition to achieve utmost personal...

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  • Marvelous Manuka

    , by Web Admin Marvelous Manuka

    Marvelous Manuka  Manuka honey has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral properties that have been shown to help support wound healing, improve oral health, and...

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  • Winter Treasures: Cordyceps

    , by Web Admin Winter Treasures: Cordyceps

    Winter Treasures: Cordyceps Winter is a Yin season in the northern hemisphere. Days are shorter and temperatures are colder. Our energy draws inward to protect...

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  • Pu-erh Tea for supreme taste and health

    , by Web Admin Pu-erh Tea for supreme taste and health

    Pu-erh Tea for supreme taste and health Pu-erh, a fermented tea, enhances digestion and reduces unwanted side effects of a rich diet and stressful lifestyle:...

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  • Sea Treasures

    , by Web Admin 海中寶藏

    海中寶藏 海鮮被推薦用於預防和治療抑鬱症,有助於保持健康的體重,並含有寶貴的營養成分。其豐富、方便、易煮、美味。

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  • Honey in TCM

    , by Web Admin 中醫蜂蜜


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  • Fabulous Fish Maw

    , by Web Admin 绝妙的魚肚

    绝妙的乾魚肚 乾魚肚是魚類中最昂貴的部分之一,由於其高膠原蛋白含量,傳統上作為抗衰老保健食品食用。魚肚含有豐富的蛋白質和磷、鈣等營養素。

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  • The Double Nine Festival for Vibrant Health

    , by Web Admin 充滿健康活力的重陽節

    充滿健康活力的重陽節 永合豐通過邀請每個人來慶祝中國傳統節日,讓大家享受我們古老的藥物所帶來的眾多健康和福祉益處,這些益處至今仍備受重視。

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