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  • Iwa 5 Junmai Daiginjo sake

    Iwa 5 Junmai Daiginjo sake

    IWA 5 blended sake by former Dom Perignon cellar master Richard Geoffroy. Through precise orchestration, five classes of elements sing in unison to create IWA 5. The rice class, for instance, comprises three varieties: Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Gohyakumangoku. In the yeast class, five strains are brought together. Also brought into play are the origin of the rice, the yeast propagation method (moto) and the regimes of fermentation. The blend is the controlled interplay of these many instruments to define a world of possibilities and select the few ones worth pursuing and refining into euphony. It’s all there. In its right place. At the right moment. Great presence, from the first glance down to the very last sip, through the seamless flow of a wide spectrum of characters. Perfectly balanced, weightless yet profound, intense and persistent. Brewed by  SHIRAIWA


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    Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo Junmai Genshu Sake

    Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo Junmai Genshu Sake

    Using a proprietary technique, the Master Brewer triples the amount of Koji creating a sake rich with umami and nutty flavors while achieving an exquisite acid balance.


  • Kubota Snow Peak 'Soujo' Seppou Junmai Daiginjo

    Kubota Snow Peak 'Soujo' Seppou Junmai Daiginjo

    Product details This bottle of Kubota Sake-White Snow Peak is seasonally limited. It is made by using Yamahai technique, with natural yeast starter. It has a unique harmonious and rich flavor, which makes it a perfect match for outdoor food. The serving temperature can be adjusted according to the season, or personal preference. When chilled, it will produce a sharp and sour aftertaste; when served warm, it has a unique and mild aroma.


  • Kubota Snow Peak Seppou Junmai Daiginjo

    Kubota Snow Peak Seppou Junmai Daiginjo

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    This collaborative sake results from the partnership between outdoor supply company Snow Peak and Niigata Prefecture’s Asahi Shuzo. The nose of this unique blend showcases a collection of scents including chestnuts, steamed rice, grains, butterscotch, and cereal aromas. This collector’s edition sake is highly limited in availability and differs from the usual Kubota products. It's particularly suited for campfire settings and campfire cuisine.

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    Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo Sake, Niigata

    Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo Sake, Niigata

    This perennial gold medal-winning Daiginjo has clean and fresh aromas, with notes of anise. Peppery on the palate with juicy ripe melon and good acidity and length. Pure, clean perfumes of rich melon, pear, cotton candy with slight green notes. Luscious and full on the palate with a velvety texture. The elegant flavors progressively spread, culminating in an explosion of fruit with a mineral finish. Deep, elegant, and complex. 


  • Tatenokawa 18 Junmai Daiginjo

    Tatenokawa 18 Junmai Daiginjo

    Size: 720 ml Class: Junmai Daiginjo Rice: Yamada Nishiki Rice-Polishing Ratio: 18% Brewery Location: Yamagata Prefecture Food Pairings: Sashimi, Carpaccio, soft cheese.  Suits vegetarian dishes: steamed vegetables, tofu, chilled light vegetable soup Tasting Notes: Pronounced aroma of honeysuckle, pear, lychee, and pineapple.  This sake is very mild and smooth, light and soft.  The finish is clean and pure, with finesse and elegance.  This sake uses rice polished down to 18% of the original grain size - the highest polishing ratio in the entirety of Japan. Furthermore, instead of blending the brewer only bottles the best portion of the pressed sake (called the "nakadori") as it holds the best flavor.  With magnificent aromatics and a complex, brilliant flavor, Tatenokawa 18 is the essence of luxury. A true gem.


  • Tatenokawa Seiryu Stream Junmai Daiginjo

    Tatenokawa Seiryu Stream Junmai Daiginjo

    Light, moderate, clear character type of sake, "Seiryuu" in English means "Clear Stream".    Rice originally grown in Yamagata Prefecture "Dewasansan". Polished to 50%, a very delightful Junmai Daiginjou with a fairly low alcohol content of around 14%. Easy and neat on the palate. Fresh fruits, citrusy with sweet candies on the nose. Very gentle, quiet ending.  Perfect to drink on it's own or pair with semi hard cheese like Gouda or Edam.   Ideal Serving Temperature:15℃ below


  • Tensei Song of the Sea Junmai Ginjo

    Tensei Song of the Sea Junmai Ginjo

    TASTING NOTES A medley of apple, banana, and melon lead the aromas and carry through on the palate. Saltwater taffy salinity notes add a touch of sweetness and minerality. Intense throughout with a crisp, clean finish.



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