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    Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea#1442

    Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea#1442

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    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 中国 安溪  China 品名Name: 安溪虎邱 Anxi Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea 等级Level: 一级 Premium 分类: 乌龙茶 Oolong Tea 香型 Aroma: 清香型 faint scent Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 颗粒饱满,色泽翠绿,茶香飘逸 Rolled into tight tiny ball shape, sand-green in color 茶汤 Liquor: 香气四溢,带有规划、栀子花与梨花的香气Fragrant and full-bodied, with the scent of osmanthus, gardenia, and pear blossoms. 储存方法 Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place   黄金桂原产于安溪虎邱罗岩村,属乌龙茶。黄金桂叶为椭圆形,先端梭小,叶片薄,发芽率高,芽头密,嫩芽黄绿,毫少。以黄旦品种茶树嫩梢制成,因其汤色金黄色有奇香似桂花,故名黄金桂。 茶园位于虎邱山,这一地区的气候和土壤条件为茶叶提供了独特的生长环境。高海拔、云雾弥漫的气候有助于茶树生长缓慢,从而产生更为复杂的香气和口感。 Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea#1442 Golden Osmanthus tea originates from Luoyan Village in Huqiu, Anxi, and belongs to the Oolong tea category. The leaves of Golden Osmanthus are elliptical, with a small pointed tip, thin leaves, high bud emergence rate, dense buds, tender buds in yellow-green color, and few hairs. Made from the tender shoots of the Huangdan tea variety, it is named Golden Osmanthus due to its golden-yellow infusion and a unique fragrance reminiscent of osmanthus flowers. The tea plantation is situated in the Huqiu Mountain, where the climate and soil conditions provide a unique growth environment for the tea leaves. The high altitude and misty climate contribute to the slow growth of tea plants, resulting in a more complex aroma and flavor. Overall, Golden Osmanthus Oolong tea is highly regarded for its unique qualities, making it a favorite among tea enthusiasts who appreciate distinctive aromas and flavors.  Recommend Brewing Method Brewing Method: Tea cup Chinese Gongfu Method Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 212℉ / 100℃ 212℉ / 100℃ Tea Quantity:  2 Teaspoons / 5g Tea 7g Tea Brewing time:   3 - 5 mins  7 steeps: rinse, 45s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 110s, 130s  

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    Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green Tea #1113 Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green Tea #1113

    Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green Tea #1113

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    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 福建 福州 Fujian China 品名Name: 龙团珠 茉莉花茶皇 Queen Pearl of Jasmine Tea 保质期Shelf Life: 18months 分类Sort: 花茶 绿茶  Green Tea 等级Level: 特级 Supreme 采摘Season: 谷雨前 Spring Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 卷如绣球,圆润匀整,白毫满披 Hand rolled into pearl shape, with obvious white tips 茶汤 Liquor: 香气鲜灵清雅,口感馥郁香醇,汤色清亮, 回甘佳 Citrus-like aroma with a smooth, crisp finish, sweet after taste 储存方法 Storage: 阴凉、干燥、防异味 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place  永合豐珍珠茉莉花茶皇又名龙团珠茉莉花茶,产于福建福州,选用了谷雨前的福建大白毫春茶和盛夏时节的单瓣茉莉。品质特点:外形圆紧重实、匀整;内质香气鲜浓,滋味醇厚,汤色黄亮,叶底肥厚。 窨(yin)制,意为将茶与花按1:1的比例拼合熏制后,再将茶与花分离,此为一窨。永合豐的此款茉莉龙珠先后窨制五次,使茶叶充分吸收茉莉花的香气,又不至掩盖了茶香,少一次则不足,多一次则有余,成茶后只闻香不见花。 存放建议:茉莉花茶的香气是芳烃类物质,易挥发。保管时需注意防潮,建议存放在阴凉,干燥,透气无异味的环境中。  Wing Hop Fung Queen Pearl Jasmine Tea, also known as Dragon Ball Pearl Jasmine Tea, is produced in Fuzhou, Fujian. It uses Fujian Dabaihao Spring Tea before Gu Yu (April 19-20) and single-petal jasmine in midsummer. The color is yellow, and the leaf bottom is thick. Tea Quality characteristics: Supreme grade: hand-rolled, round, tight, firm and uniformly shaped pearls; the inner quality is fresh and rich, the taste is mellow, citrus-like, smooth, with a crisp finish. The "yin" manufacturing system means that tea and flowers are combined and smoked in a 1:1 ratio, and then the tea and flowers are separated. This jasmine dragon ball of WHF has been processed five times in succession so that the tea leaves fully absorb the aroma of jasmine, and it will not overpower the tea fragrance. Storage recommendations: The aroma of jasmine tea is aromatic hydrocarbons and is volatile. Pay attention to avoid moisture during storage. It is recommended to store the tea in a cool, dry, odor-free environment. The shelf life is 18 months. Supreme Queen of Pearl Jasmine Green Tea contains tender silver leaves tightly rolled up into a pearl shape and scented with Jasmine flowers. The blending process usually takes five rounds, each starting with a fresh batch of flowers for optimal fragrance and aroma. Once these pearls are brewed, the leaves unfurl and release an aroma of citrus and jasmine orchards as well as antioxidants that are great for the body and skin. Recommend Brewing Method Brewing Method: Tea cup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 185℉ / 85℃ 185℉ / 85℃ Tea Quantity: 5 g Tea 5g Tea Brewing time:  5 - 8 mins 5 steeps: rinse, 45s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s

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    Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule /Cold Capsule

    Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule /Cold Capsule

    石家庄以岭 连花清瘟胶囊 连花清瘟胶囊,清瘟解毒,宣肺泄热 成份 连翘、金银花、炙麻黄、炒苦杏仁、石膏、板蓝根、绵马贯众、鱼腥草、广藿香、大黄、红景天、薄荷脑、甘草。辅料为:淀粉。 性状 本品为胶囊剂,内容物为棕黄色至黄褐色颗粒和粉末,气微香,味微苦。 用法用量 口服。一次4粒,一日3次。 规格 每粒装0.35克。 注意事项        1.忌烟、酒及辛辣、生冷、油腻食物。  2.不宜在服药期间同时服用滋补性中药。  3.风寒感冒者不适用。  4.高血压、心脏病患者慎用。有肝病、糖尿病、肾病等慢性病严重者应在医师指导 下服用。  5.儿童、孕妇、哺乳期妇女、年老体弱及脾虚便溏者应在医师指导下服用。  6.发热体温超过38.5℃的患者,应去医院就诊。  7.严格按用法用量服用,本品不宜长期服用。  8.服药3天症状无缓解,应去医院就诊。  9.对本品过敏者禁用,过敏体质者慎用。  10.本品性状发生改变时禁止使用。  11.儿童必须在成人监护下使用。  12.请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。  13.如正在使用其他药品,使用本品前请咨询医师或药师。  14.运动员慎用。  15.打开防潮袋后,请注意防潮。 药物相互作用 如与其他药物同时使用可能会发生药物相互作用,详情请咨询医师或药师。 用药期间,应避免食用生冷、辛辣、油腻食物,忌烟酒、浓茶。由于连花清瘟胶囊中含有苦杏仁,因此不宜与利多卡因、普鲁卡因等局部麻醉药合用;也不可与磷酸可待因、喷托维林(维静宁、咳必清)合用,以免抑制呼吸,造成药物性的呼吸困难。由于其还含有麻黄,所以不宜与氨茶碱合用,否则会发生严重头痛、失眠等不良反应;也不宜与异丙肾上腺素(喘息定)合用,否则会引起心悸、血压上升、甚至出现高血压危象。   另外,服用连花清瘟胶囊,偶尔会引起轻微胃肠道不适、腹胀、腹泻等,一般停药后即可恢复。如果胃肠道反应严重,或者停药后上述症状没有好转,一定要及时去医院就诊。服用连花清瘟胶囊3天后,如果头痛、周身酸痛、鼻塞流涕、咳嗽、咽痛等症状没有改善,或出现症状加重的情况,也需要及时去医院就诊。 Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule /Cold Capsule Dosage: 4 Capsules at a Time, 3 Times a Day Shelf Life: 30 Months Features: Cold Medicine, Effective, Long Shelf Life This capsule contains yellow/brownish herbal granules and powder, with a slightly fragrant aroma and slightly bitter taste. Oral Dosage: 4 capsules at a time, 3 times a day. Each capsule contains 0.35 grams. Specifications:  Heat-clearing and detoxifying.Used for treating influenza as syndrome of heat toxin attacking lung.The symptoms are: fever or high fever, chills, muscle aches, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, headache, dry throat, red tongue, yellow or greasy fur, etc.Ingredients:Forsythia bark, honeysuckle flower, ephedra, fried bitter almonds, gypsum, Radix Isatidis, Mianma Guanzhong, Houttuynia cordata, patchouli, rhubarb, Rhodiola rosea, menthol, licorice and minimal starch. Herbal Actions: Forsythia, honeysuckle, isatis are antibiotic herbs. Processed gypsum powder is a strong anti-inflammatory. Mianma Guanzhong (Dryopteris root) is a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory vine. Ephedra, often used in epidemic disease, is detoxifying. All the herbs have toxin-clearing, anti-inflammatory effects. Rhubarb reduces fever and increases cleansing.   Precautions: 1. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy, cold/raw, or greasy foods.    2. It is not advisable to take herbal tonics (“nourishing Chinese medicine”) at the same time as taking this medicine.    3. It is not suitable for people with internal cold (chills, weakness, watery diarrhea) or the common cold.    4. Use with caution in patients with hypertension and heart disease. Those with severe chronic diseases such as liver disease, diabetes, and kidney disease should take it under the guidance of a physician.  5. Children, pregnant women, lactating women, elderly frail and spleen-deficiency loose stools should be taken under the guidance of a physician.    6. Patients with fever and body temperature exceeding 38.5℃ (101 degrees) should go to the hospital for treatment.    7. Take this medicine strictly according to usage and dosage, this product should not be taken for a long time.    8. If there is no improvement of symptoms after taking this medicine for 3 days, patients should go to the hospital for treatment.    9. It is forbidden for people who are allergic to this product, and those with allergies should use caution.    10. It is prohibited to use this product when its properties change. (for example, if the herbal actions cause weakening symptoms)   11. Children must use this under adult supervision.    12. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.    13. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.    14. Athletes use this product with caution.    15. After opening the moisture-proof bag, prevent exposure to moisture. Patients using prescribed medicines should check with their doctors before using this product. Notes:Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

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    日本北海道 干贝(100-110颗/磅)永合丰


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    日本 北海道宗谷元贝 干贝 瑶柱M(95-105颗/磅) 处理程序: 元贝用清水洗净,以热水浸约1小时(视乎大小而定),连水留用,便可进行烹调。 储存方法: 元贝放于通风阴凉处,如预较长时间食用,建议封好摆入冰箱(0-8℃) 为佳 元贝参考做法: 元贝烩羮,鲜甜味清,配料选用火鸭则香惹,选用鸡丝则鲜甜,选用鱼肚则清爽; 元贝炖汤,炎夏佳选,因为选料多以清、甜、鲜、惹之特质,故食味重于清纯,不见油腻; 元贝煲粥,清鲜脱俗,除可元贝清粥,加入鸡肉同煲,味道更加鲜甜可口。 JAPANESE HOKKAIDO DRIED SCALLOP M (95-105 PCS/LB) Dried scallops (Yuanbei) are flavorful and nutritious. Dried scallops are mild and salty. They enrich our blood and improve spleen health. In every 100 grams of dried scallop, there are 65.7 grams of protein, which is 2-3 times more than found in chicken, beef or shrimp.Directions: Dried scallops (Yuanbei) are washed with fresh water, rinsed and soaked in hot water for about 1 hour (depending on the size). The soaking water can be used for cooking. Storage method: Put the scallops in a ventilated and cool place. If you eat them for a long time, it is recommended to seal them and keep them in the refrigerator (0-8℃). Suggested Recipes: Yuanbei stewed soup is a good choice for summer because the ingredients are mostly clear, sweet, and fresh. The taste is flavorful, not greasyYuanbei porridge is light and refined. In addition to Yuanbei porridge, by adding chicken to the pot, the taste is sweeter and more delicious.  


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    Instant Natural Ginger Tea with Honey (25 sachets) Instant Natural Ginger Tea with Honey (25 sachets)

    Instant Natural Ginger Tea with Honey (25 sachets)

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    永合豐 纯天然 即溶蜂蜜薑茶 (25 包裝) 夏季炎热,人们往往贪凉饮冷。而过食寒凉、吹空调过冷过久,都容易损伤脾胃阳气,表现为恶风怕冷、疲乏无力、腹疼腹泻、食欲不振、口中黏腻等。这时喝一点姜茶,可起到散寒祛暑、开胃止泻的作用。 永合豐品牌速溶天然生薑茶是由精選特級生薑和蜂蜜混合而成。生薑可以增加身體的能量水平,並且具有抗氧化和抗炎作用。 成分:特級老姜,蔗糖,天然蜂蜜。 (包含:25包x 18g) 1.姜茶含多种活性成分,具有解毒、消炎、去湿活血、暖胃、止呕、消除体内垃圾等作用。 2.科学证实,生姜还有抑制癌及预防心血管疾病的作用。 从姜中提取的精华素,还可以被用来治疗偏头痛、行动障碍和关节炎。 3.姜茶:含有一种含油树脂,具有明显的降血脂和降胆固醇的作用。 4.驱寒:我国民间早就有喝姜茶的习惯 , 姜茶可能喝一次即驱走轻微的感冒,症状较重者一连三天每日喝一次,就不再流鼻水、咳嗽、发烧、喉咙痛、头痛;容易患感冒者也可以每三天喝一次以起预防之效。 5.人到老年,面部常布满“老年斑”,现代医学研究表明,这种“体锈”是由于体内氧自由基过度活跃所致。药理研究发现,生姜内含淀粉、挥发油及人体所需的多种氨基酸,尤其是辣味成分的姜辣素有很强的对付氧自由基的本领。 6.如果你频频便秘,动不动疲倦不堪,喝姜茶可以通便,而且精力充沛。 7.姜茶可以缓解晕车船、恶心的症状。建议乘车船之前喝一杯姜茶。 Instant Natural Ginger Tea with Honey (25 sachets) Hot summers everyone loves cold drinks. But having too much cold, raw food and air conditioning can damage vitality, especially “the spleen and stomach yang.” which may lead to chills, stiffness, fatigue, abdominal pains, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and poor digestion. Drinking a little ginger tea can prevent weakness and inflammation. It enhances appetite, improves digestion and regulates elimination. Wing Hop Fung brand instant natural ginger tea is made from premium ginger and honey. Ginger increases energy and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Ingredients: Premium ginger, cane sugar, natural honey. (Contains: 25 packets x 18g) Ginger tea contains a variety of active ingredients that are useful for detoxification. It is anti-inflammatory and activates circulation. It warms the stomach, prevents vomiting, and eliminates toxins due to poor digestion.  It has been scientifically confirmed that ginger also may inhibit cancer and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Ginger extracts have also been used to treat migraine headaches, movement disorders and arthritis.   Ginger tea can lower fat and cholesterol.   Ginger tea may be used to prevent a cold. People with severe symptoms can drink the tea once a day for three consecutive days, and they will no longer have a runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat, and headache. People who are prone to catching colds can drink it every three days for prevention. With maturity, the face and arms often have "age spots." Modern medical research indicates that it is caused by excessive activation of oxygen free radicals in the body. Pharmacological studies have found that ginger contains starch, volatile oil and various amino acids and especially ginger’s spicy gingerol which effectively deals with oxygen free radicals.   For frequent constipation and fatigue, drinking ginger tea can be laxative and energizing.   Ginger tea has been shown to relieve symptoms of motion sickness and nausea. It is recommended to drink a cup of ginger tea before traveling by car or boat.


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    Premium American Ginseng Powder  BOGO (8 oz) Premium American Ginseng Powder  BOGO (8 oz)

    Premium American Ginseng Powder BOGO (8 oz)

    5 reviews

    華盛頓牌 美国威州 精选花旗参粉(8 oz/瓶)买一赠一 華盛頓品牌花旗蔘粉,以純正美國花旗參經由人工精心挑選,打粉包裝,冲飲方便,安全健康。   成份:100%純度高級花旗參,無任何人工添加劑。   American ginseng has been recommended for diabetes, chronic thirst and hunger, menopausal hot flashes, stress headaches, premature aging skin and chronic dryness. American ginseng (Panax ginseng quinquefolius) has a sweet and cooling property, which restrains internal heat (chronic inflammation), clears the lungs, and nourishes "Yin"(body fluids.)   American ginseng is tonic and nourishing, has a very high health value, and is suitable for all ages and all seasons. It helps refresh internal organs and regulates the balance of physiological changes, it also improves immunity if used long-term. Our Washington Brand American Ginseng (panax quinquefolius) has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your enjoyment from what is prized as one of the highest valued ginsengs in the world. They are 100% from Wisconsin, U.S.A.   Ingredients: 100% pure top grade American Ginseng (panax quinquefolius) Root from Wisconsin, U.S.A. Contains no sugar, no preservatives, no caffeine.   American ginseng belongs to the family of Araliaceae, and is an herbaceous perennial plant in the ivy family, commonly used as Chinese or traditional medicine. It grows on the cold plateau of the northeastern United States and is a famous specialty of the United States. According to research and analysis, American ginseng contains: ginseng, ginseng acid, glycosides, ginsenosides and other beneficial ingredients. Citi Ginseng tastes sweet and spicy, is cooling in nature, and has the effect of nourishing the lungs and reducing inflammation, nourishing the stomach and invigorating the body. Where there is insufficient qi vitality and "Yin" (fluids) in the body, fatigue, weakness, chronic coughing, hemoptysis, and deficiency of the lungs and stomach, moderate consumption of Citi ginseng can help relieve these discomforts.    Cautions: People with chronic inflammation or fever should not use red Panax ginseng. Ginsengs and all tonics should be avoided during colds and flu. People with a “hot physique” (an inflammatory constitution) will experience some physical discomfort after taking stimulating and warming red Korean (Panax ginseng,) but Citi ginseng (American ginseng, panax quinquefolius) is colder and there is no such concern after taking it.    


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    Jin Xuan Silky Milk Oolong Tea #1367

    Jin Xuan Silky Milk Oolong Tea #1367

    6 reviews

    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 台湾 南投县 Taiwan 品名Name: 金萱 奶香乌龙 Jin Xuan Silky Milk Oolong Tea 等级Level: 一级 Premium 分类Sort: 乌龙茶 Oolong Tea 保质期Shelf Life: 24 months 香型 Aroma: 清香型 faint scent Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 颗粒饱满,色泽墨绿,茶香飘逸 Rolled into tight tiny ball shape, sand-green in color 茶汤 Liquor: 蜜黄明亮,口感顺滑,奶香淡雅 Silky, smooth, and buttery 储存方法 Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place   金萱茶,分布海拔从1000至1600公尺之间,根据茶业改良场多年研究调查全世界最优良的茶园集中在北回归线附近约50公里以内山区,阿里山茶区即在北纬23度半附近嘉义县境内。金萱茶最大的品质特征即俱一股浓浓的天然“奶香”,这种天然的奶香很少茶类可以做得出来,只有金萱茶有此特征。 Jin Xuan Silky Oolong Tea #1367 Brewing Method: Tea cup Chinese Gongfu Method Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 212℉ / 100℃ 212℉ / 100℃ Tea Quantity:  2 Teaspoons / 5g Tea 7g Tea Brewing time:   3 - 5 mins  7 steeps: rinse, 15s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 55s, 75s, 85s  Deliciously creamy and buttery flavors make this oolong a unique and popular choice to enjoy. Grown at the top of the high, misty mountains in Taiwan, Silky Oolong is unique: Its creamy note is all-natural and you can enjoy multiple steepings as well. From the manufacturer:  Jinxuan tea is distributed from 1000 to 1600 meters above sea level. According to years of research and investigation conducted by the Tea Industry Improvement Farm, the world’s best tea gardens are concentrated in the mountains within 50 kilometers of the Tropic of Cancer, and the Alishan tea area is near 23 and one half degrees north latitude within Chiayi County. The biggest quality feature of Jinxuan tea is the strong natural "milk fragrance" that is “silky, smooth and buttery.” This kind of natural creamy fragrance can be produced by few teas, only Jinxuan tea has this feature. The sand green-colored tea is rolled into tight tiny balls that open with brewing. Store the tea in a cool dry area. The shelf life is 24 months.  

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    Chinese Red Dates/ Jujube  (16oz/Bag)

    Chinese Red Dates/ Jujube (16oz/Bag)

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    新疆 若羌灰枣 珍珠枣 (16oz/包)  珍珠枣又名灰枣,是鼠李科落叶灌木或小乔木植物枣树,是由于兵团红发现其果实形似珍珠而易其名,果实呈现椭圆形或圆形,胴部稍细,略歪斜;风干后为深红色,有光泽;皮薄肉厚,营养丰富,可鲜食也可制成干果食用,其中,以新疆珍珠枣品质最佳。 性味 甘;温 功效 本品为鼠李科植物枣的干燥成熟果实。 主治胃虚食少,脾弱便溏,气血津液不足,营卫不和,心悸怔忡。妇人赃躁。 经脉 脾经;胃经 主治 补脾和胃,益气生津,调营卫,解药毒。治胃虚食少,脾弱便溏,气血津液不足,营卫不和,心悸怔忡。妇人赃躁。 Red Dates/ Jujube  (16oz/Bag) Description: Dried Red Jujube Dates (Ziziphus jujuba,) from Lin County, Shanxi, China; Brand: Yellow River Beach Dates (16 oz/bag) Jujube red dates can be added to soups, stews, desserts or enjoyed as a semi-sweet, nourishing snack. Linxian County, Shanxi Province is located in the Shanxi-Shaanxi Grand Canyon on the banks of the Yellow River. Red dates have been harvested for more than 2,000 years. Linxian’s 800,000 acre red date forests were named the center of Chinese red date agriculture by the Ministry of Forestry. Yellow river beach jujube has a large fruit body and a fine, reddish skin. It is rich in vitamin C. The flavor is sweet and slightly tart with a superior nutritional value. This product is the dried, ripe fruit of the buckthorn family jujube. Indications: Poor digestion, (weak stomach/spleen,) poor appetite, and loose stools. Jujube improves circulation, blood quality and body fluids. It helps to ease difficult menstruation and PMS and heart palpitations. Traditional Chinese medicine applications: Tonic for the spleen and stomach, replenishes qi, regulates health, and detoxifies the body. Gastrointestinal deficiency, poor appetite from weak spleen and loose stools, insufficient blood and body fluids, PMS, nervous palpitationsReferences: (How Jujube date has been used in classic herbal formulas)①"The Book of Classics": Jujube “reduces evil spirits” (calms the shen, relieves nervous anxiety), nourishes the spleen and improves the twelve meridians. Improves stomach Qi: Tong Jiu Qiao, nourishes Qi: Shao Jin Liquid, useful for panic, heavy limbs, and hundreds of other medicines. ② "Notes on the Collection of Materia Medica": used to treat aconite poison. ③ "Don't Record": increases Qi, strengthens life force, relieves boredom, treats heart issues, moistens the intestine. ④ "Drug Pair": treats aconite and Tianxiong poisons. ⑤ Meng Xu: Increases body fluids and Qi, helps clear heart issues and stomach upset. Used in cooking, nourishes the gastrointestinal tract. Helps under-nourished children gain strength and weight when suffering from diarrhea. ⑥"Rihuazi Materia Medica": replenishes heart and lungs and reduces coughing. Bolsters the five internal organs, cures digestive weakness, constipation and flatulence. ⑦ "Pearl Sac": warms the stomach. ⑧ Li Pao: Warms and nourishes the spleen, improves blood quality and treats menstrual insufficiency. ⑨ "Pharmaceuticals": nourishes blood and improves the liver. ⑩ "Ben Cao Zai Xin": Buzhong Yiqi, nourishes the kidneys and warms the stomach, cures yin deficiency and chronic diarrhea. 


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    Premium Organic Longjing Green Tea #1281 Premium Organic Longjing Green Tea #1281

    Premium Organic Longjing Green Tea #1281

    3 reviews

    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 浙江杭州 Zhejiang, China 品名Name: 有机 龙井  Organic Longjing  保质期Shelf Life: 18months 分类Sort: 炒青绿茶  Green Tea 等级Level: 一级 Premium 采摘Season: 清明前 Spring Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 扁平光洁,匀长挺直, 绿中带黄,糙米色 Flattened tea leaves, with one bud andone or two leaves 茶汤 Liquor: 香气浓郁,豆香,栗香,鲜甜甘爽,回味悠久,清澈 Sweet and nutty, smooth and rich with slight vegetal undertones,fresh bright 储存方法 Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place 春茶中的特级西湖龙井、浙江龙井外形扁平光滑,苗锋尖削,芽长于叶,色泽嫩绿,体表无茸毛;汤色嫩绿(黄)明亮;清香或嫩栗香,但有部分茶带高火香;滋味清爽或浓醇;叶底嫩绿,尚完整。其余各级龙井茶随着级别的下降,外形色泽由嫩绿→青绿→墨绿,茶身由小到大,茶条由光滑至粗糙;香味由嫩爽转向浓粗,四级茶开始有粗味;叶底由嫩芽转向对夹叶,色泽由嫩黄→青绿→黄褐。 Longjing translates into Dragon’s Well in Chinese. This green tea originates from the mountains surrounding West Lake in the Zhejiang province of China. The leaves are hand-fired in a large wok immediately after picking and have an appearance of smooth flat green leaves with pointed ends, resembling a sparrow's tongue. The name was given according to legend of a dragon that lived in a well near West Lake Village. It saved the village by bringing rain after a long drought. Brewing Method: Tea cup  Chinese Gaiwan Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 185℉ / 85℃ 185℉ / 85℃ Tea Quantity: 5 g Tea 5g Tea Brewing time:  5 - 8 mins 5 steeps:  45s, 60s, 90s, 120s, 150s


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    Ali Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea #1101 Ali Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea #1101

    Ali Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea #1101

    1 review

    品牌Brand: 永合豐 雀石茗茶WHF Twin Birds 产地Origin: 台湾  Taiwan 品名Name: 阿里山金萱乌龙 Ali Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Tea 等级Level: 一级 Premium 分类: 乌龙茶 Oolong Tea 香型 Aroma: 清香型 faint scent Caffeine Level: ☆☆☆☆ 干茶 Body: 颗粒饱满,色泽翠绿,茶香飘逸 Rolled into tight tiny ball shape, sand-green in color 茶汤 Liquor: 蜜绿带金,清香爽口Light milky and sweet taste, with a subtle hint of cream aftertaste 储存方法 Storage: 常温、阴凉、干燥、可长期保存 Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place   台湾高山茶是指海拔1000米以上茶园所产制的半球型包种茶。台湾各产茶区内,海拔高度在1000米以上的地区。主要产地为嘉义县 、南投县 内海拔1000~1300公尺新兴茶区。 金萱是以硬枝红心作父本,台农八号作母本,人工培育而成的第一代。试验所的代号为2027,也就是茶改场成功育种的排列顺序第12号。做成半发酵茶,滋味甘醇浓厚,具有特殊的品种香,是类似桂花香或牛奶香. Ali Mountain Jinxuan Oolong Tea #1101 Grown on A-Li Shan Mountain - one of the most famous oolong growing regions in Taiwan - this tea is picked from the top of the tea bush, boasting two or three leaves per stem. The leaves are then hand-processed and rolled, resulting in its rounded crumpled look that unfurls when brewed, imparting a fragrant aroma and creamy, nutty tones.  Recommend Brewing Method Brewing Method: Tea cup Chinese Gongfu Method Water volume: 12oz / 355ml 3.8oz / 110ml Temperature: 212℉ / 100℃ 212℉ / 100℃ Tea Quantity:  2 Teaspoons / 5g Tea 7g Tea Brewing time:   3 - 5 mins  7 steeps: rinse, 15s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 55s, 75s, 85s  

    $20.80 - $78.40

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    Chrysanthemum  【双鹿牌】杭白菊 永合丰监制 (16oz/包) Double Deer Brand Chrysanthemum 16oz

    Double Deer Brand Chrysanthemum 16oz

    2 reviews

    桐乡特产 杭白菊 永合豐监制 (16oz/包) 桐乡是杭白菊原产地,被誉为“中国杭白菊之乡”,有300多年的种植历史,因其特殊的自然地理条件和不断改进的生产加工工艺,杭白菊在色香味形等多方面均明显优于其他地方同类商品菊,古时曾为贡品。味道清醇甘美,具有散风清热、平肝明目等功效。 性味 味甘;苦;性微寒 经脉 归肺经;肝经 主治 疏风,清热,明目,解毒。治头痛,眩晕,目赤,心胸烦热,疔疮,肿毒。 用法用量 内服:煎汤,10~15g;或入丸、散;或泡茶。 外用:适量,煎水洗;或捣敷。 注意禁忌 《本草汇言》:气虚胃寒,食少泄泻之病,宜少用之。凡阳虚或头痛而恶寒者均忌用。 【食疗方】 1.鸡蛋菊花汤 鸡蛋1个,菊花5克,藕汁适量,陈醋少许。 鸡蛋液与菊花、藕汁、陈醋调匀后,隔水蒸炖熟后即成,每日1次。 功效:具有止血活血,消肿止痛。适用于食管癌咳嗽加重、呕吐明显者。 2.红花桑叶菊花汤 红花3克,桑叶、菊花各10克。将桑叶、菊花、红花共置杯中,开水冲泡,盖焖片刻,先熏患眼,薰后温服。每日2次,连用3日。 功效:散热消肿,止痛明目。主治急性传染性结膜炎等症。 3.菊花甘草汤 白菊花(或菊花)120克,甘草12克。加水煎汤,分3~4次服。 功效:清热解毒。主治疔疮肿痛。  4..二花茶 金银花50克,杭菊花100克,蜂蜜适量。将金银花、菊花拣去杂质,淘洗后放锅内略炒一下,凉后放干净瓶中保存,用时取其少许,放杯内用开水冲泡,加蜂蜜适量调味,即可饮用。每日2~3次。 功效:清热祛风,明目降压。主治暑热烦渴,高血压病,冠心病,心悸失眠,咽喉肿痛,感冒咳嗽。也可作为夏季防暑之清凉饮料。   出自: https://zhongyibaike.com/   Hangzhou Chrysanthemum (16 oz) Chrysanthemum flowers have been grown in China as flowering herbs since the 15th century. They are harvested in the fall when they are in full bloom. When brewed as a beverage, Chrysanthemums produce honey-sweet scents and a soothing wintergreen-like flavor that instills a calming effect on the body. The resulting brew is fragrant, refreshing, mellow and naturally sweet. Chrysanthemum flower makes a delicious cooling tea. The taste is sweet; bitter; and it is slightly cold in nature. It enters the Lung meridian and Liver meridian. Indications: Chrysanthemum relieves wind [nerve pain, spasm etc.] clears heat [inflammation] , improves eyesight, and detoxifies [the liver.] According to the manufacturer, it has been used to “cure headache, dizziness, red eyesight, irritability, boils, swelling and poison. Dosage Oral administration: decoction, 10~15g; or pill, powder; or tea. External use: proper amount, decocted and washed; or pounded and applied.Cautions: "Ben Cao Hui Yan" Use sparingly for “Deficiency of Qi and cold stomach [nausea, vomiting or runny diarrhea], poor appetite and diarrhea”. Those who suffer from yang deficiency [chills, weakness, chronic diarrhea, sexual weakness] or headache and aversion to cold should not use it. Diet Therapy (from the manufacturer) 1. Egg Chrysanthemum Soup Ingredients:1 egg, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, appropriate amount of lotus root juice, a little vinegar. Mix the egg liquid with chrysanthemum, lotus root juice, and mature vinegar, steam and stew in water, and serve once a day. Efficacy: It can stop bleeding, promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain. It is suitable for patients with aggravated cough and obvious vomiting in esophageal cancer. 2. Safflower mulberry leaf chrysanthemum soup Ingredients:3 grams of safflower, 10 grams each of mulberry leaves and chrysanthemums. Put mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and safflower together in a cup, brew with boiling water, cover and simmeer for a while. Steam the affected eyes first, and then drink the warm tea. Use it 2 times a day for 3 days. Efficacy: heat dissipation [anti-inflammatory,] reduces swelling, relieves pain and improves eyesight. Use for indications of acute infectious conjunctivitis and other diseases.  3. Chrysanthemum Licorice Soup Ingredients:120 grams of white chrysanthemum (or chrysanthemum) and 12 grams of licorice. Add water and cook the decoction for at least 45 minutes. Drink this 3 to 4 times daily. Efficacy: clears away heat [anti-inflammatory] and detoxification. Indications; This tea has been used for boils, swelling and pain.


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    Premium Honeysuckle Flower/Jin Yin Hua 6oz

    Premium Honeysuckle Flower/Jin Yin Hua 6oz

    2 reviews

    特级 山东 金银花 忍冬花 (6 oz/包) 忍冬花、鹭鸶花、银花、双花、二花、金藤花、双苞花、金花、二宝花 金银花春末夏初开花不绝,花的颜色是先白后黄,黄白相映,故此才称为“金银花”。通过自然晒干的金银花颜色为黄白色,用机器脱水烘干后的颜色为淡绿色,功效相差不大。  性味 甘;寒 功效 为忍冬科植物忍冬的花蕾。 主治温病发热,热毒血痢,痈疡,肿毒,瘰疬,痔漏。 经脉 肺经;胃经 主治 清热,解毒。治温病发热,热毒血痢,痈疡,肿毒,瘰疬,痔漏。 注意禁忌 脾胃虚寒及气虚疮疡脓清者忌服。 【食疗方】 1.银花绿豆饮 绿豆60克,加水煎汤取汁,加金银花10克,蜂蜜适量。煎20~30分钟,去渣服用。 功效:清热除烦,解暑止渴。主治暑热烦渴,小便短赤,或痱子热痒。并可用于预防中暑。 2.菊花银花公英茶 菊花15克,银花20克,蒲公英30克,甘草3克,绿豆20克。将诸味共入锅中,水煎去渣取汁即成。每日1剂,连用5~7日为一疗程。 功效:清热解毒,抗感染。主治妇女乳痈初起热毒较甚者。 3.二花茶 金银花50克,杭菊花100克,蜂蜜适量。将金银花、菊花拣去杂质,淘洗后放锅内略炒一下,凉后放干净瓶中保存,用时取其少许,放杯内用开水冲泡,加蜂蜜适量调味,即可饮用。每日2~3次。 功效:清热祛风,明目降压。主治暑热烦渴,高血压病,冠心病,心悸失眠,咽喉肿痛,感冒咳嗽。也可作为夏季防暑之清凉饮料。 4.忍冬汤 金银花120克,甘草45克。以水或酒煎汤服。主治 "一切内外痈肿",如肠痈、乳痈、疖疮等。 In traditional Chinese medicine, honey suckle/ Lonicera japonica is called rěn dōng téng or jīn yín huā. Alternative Chinese names include er hua and shuang hua. The dried leaves and flowers (Flos Lonicerae Japonicae) are employed in traditional Chinese medicine, being used to treat fever, headache, cough, thirst, and sore throat. It is included in herbal remedies for skin issues including acne and eczema. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic herb that is strongly anti-inflammatory. Excess use can cause nausea and diarrhea. From the manufacturer:  The taste is sweet; and it is cold [anti-inflammatory] in nature. It is the bud of the honeysuckle plant of the honeysuckle family. Indications of febrile disease, fever, febrile dysentery, carbuncle ulcer, swelling and toxin, scrofula, hemorrhoids.  It enters the Lung, Stomach meridians  Indications include, Detoxification. It has been used to cure febrile disease, fever, febrile dysentery, carbuncle ulcer, swelling and toxins [abscess], scrofula, hemorrhoids.  Cautions: Avoid use with Spleen-stomach deficiency, internal cold and Qi deficiency and oozing sores  Diet Therapy   Silver Flower Mung Bean Drink   Ingedients:  60 grams of mung beans, 10 grams honeysuckle flower Add water and cook the beans to make a decoction. Set the juice aside and add the honeysuckle. Simmer for 20-30 minutes adding the cooking juice to prevent sticking; Remove the residue and drink the soup.  Efficacy: clearing away heat and eliminating inflammatory symptoms; it relieves heat and thirst.  Indications: Heat polydipsia, inadequate urine, or itchy prickly heat. It can also be used to prevent heat stroke.    Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle, and Dandelion Tea   Ingredients: 15 grams of chrysanthemum flower, 20 grams of silver flower (honeysuckle flower), 30 grams of dandelion, 3 grams of licorice, 20 grams of mung beans.  Put all the flavors into the pot, simmer in water to remove the residue and get the juice.  Take 1 dose a day for 5-7 days as a course of treatment.   Efficacy: clearing away heat, detoxifying, anti-infection. It is helpful for women with severe febrile toxicity at the beginning of breast carbuncle and abscess. Two flower tea   Ingredients: 50 grams of honeysuckle, 100 grams of chrysanthemum flower, appropriate amount of honey.  Rinse the honeysuckle and chrysanthemum to remove impurities. After draining, put them in a pot and fry them. After cooling, they will be stored in a clean bottle.  Take a small amount when used. Place the flowers in a cup with boiling water and add honey to taste. Drink it 2 to 3 times a day.  Efficacy: clearing away heat and wind [irritation or infection], improving eyesight and reducing blood pressure.  Indications for heat polydipsia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, palpitations, insomnia, sore throat, cold and cough. It can also be used as a refreshing drink for preventing heatstroke in summer.    Honeysuckle soup   Ingredients: 120 grams of honeysuckle, 45 grams of licorice.  Take the decoction with water or wine.  Indications "all internal and external carbuncle" such as intestinal carbuncle, breast carbuncle, furuncle and so on. 



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